Tausug - English


pingkitadjHaving six (or more) fingers on one hand.Laung nila masukud in tau pingkit.They say that a six-fingered person is lucky.vag mag-; pat -un.To bind or stick (things) together.Subay pingkitun duwa-ruwa in juwalan.The fried bananas should be stuck together two by two.
pīngpīngannThe area around the ear.Malanuꞌ in pīngpīngan bang baꞌgu pa giyuntingan.The area around one’s ears looks neat after a haircut.Cf.misay
*pipivCV 3 ag mag-; pat -un.To carry (someone on one arm and hold him close to one’s side or chest).Kamayaꞌ kaw magpipi ha bataꞌ-bataꞌ.Be careful carrying the child.Hipapipi niya kākuꞌ in anak niya.She is requesting me to carry her child.Diꞌ manaw in bataꞌ ini, subay magpapipi.This child won’t walk, she has to be carried.npagpipiThe act of carrying (someone) in this manner.Bang bihān in pagpipi mu mabaliꞌ in bataꞌ.If you carry the child like that it will break something (i.e., a bone).
*pipisvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To crush or press (something so that it becomes fine or soft, as peanuts, pepper, or grains of rice).Pipisun ku in maysa kaymu.I’ll crush the black pepper for you.Pipisan ta lara in istaꞌ ini.Let’s crush some hot peppers for this fish.Cf.bayunpipisanA small mortar or any piece of stone that may serve as a mortar.Pipisa in bātung ha pipisan batu.Crush the peanuts on the small stone mortar.Cf.lusungnpipipisA pestle for crushing.
pipitvag mag-; goal -an.To ask (an accused person) repeatedly (in secret).Pipiti in anak mu bat mamaytaꞌ sin bunnal.Ask your child repeatedly so she’ll tell the truth.OV SYN.tutus2Cf.asubusumariya
pīpulnThe center post (of a house).Before this post is erected the house owner or builder is supposed to place some item of value, such as a small piece of gold, a handful of unhusked rice, a pearl, or a coin at the bottom of the posthole. This helps to insure good fortune for the house and for everyone who will live in it.Biyutangan pisita in pīpul sin bāy namuꞌ.The center post of our house had silver coins placed under it.Cf.hāg
PirꞌawnnPharaoh.Piyaīg sin Pirꞌawn hi Nabi Musa dayn ha Misir.Pharaoh caused Moses to leave Egypt.
*piratvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To turn back the lower eyelid.Pirata in mata mu.Turn back your lower eyelid.Cf.*pillat
PirdausnParadise, the Garden as a place of perfect bliss after death (promised to the righteous in the Holy Koran).
piritvpat ma-, -um-.To become torn.Bang manipis na in kakanaꞌ maluhay mapirit.If cloth is thin already it easily becomes torn.OV SYN.gisiꞌ*gīs
pirituadj(Of fish, chicken, meat, etc.) fried.Mabayaꞌ aku piritu istaꞌ dayn sin diyangdang.I like fried fish better than roasted on the coals.vag mag-; pat -un.To fry (something).Ayaw pataura in lana bang kaw magpiritu istaꞌ.Don’t put a lot of oil when you fry the fish.Cf.*landang-landang*gisaguling
pirmanSignature.Kansiyu pirma in ha sulat?Whose signature is on the letter?vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To sign (one’s signature).Siya in nagpirma sin sulat lupaꞌ.She signed the land documents.
*pirungvag mag-; pat -un.To close (the eyes).Pirunga na in mata mu bat kaw makatūg.Close your eyes so you can sleep.Cf.tambul 1
pirutadj(Of eyes) narrow.Pirut in mata sin manga Lannang.Chinese have narrow eyes.ANT.bullatvact/pat mang-.(For one’s eyes) to become or look narrow.Mamirut in mata mu bang kaw makutkut sin kuuk.Your eyes will become narrow if you’re bitten by a cockroach.Papirutun ta in mata mu.We’ll make your eyes look narrow.
pīsnA square cloth (with a characteristic pattern, woven locally. Used by men, usu. as a turban or as a decorative shoulder piece).In pīs masuhul hipagsaꞌlay ha abaga.A pīs is sometimes used for draping over the shoulder.
pīs siyabitnA turban woven by the sabit method (see sabit).
pīs-pīsnScraps or remnants of cloth.Ayaw mu bugitan in pīs-pīs.Don’t throw away the scraps of cloth.SYN.hīk-hīk
pisaknMud.Liyublub ha pisak in tarak.The bus is stuck in the mud.adjmapisakMuddy.Mapisak in dān bang pangulan.The road is muddy when it’s rainy season.Cf.habluꞌpaligiꞌlanaw
pisang1nA pineapple plant.Ananas comosus5: Plants2nPineapple (fruit).Mataud mata-mata sin pisang.A pineapple has many little eyes.
pisawgimb.pisawaliꞌnA small knife (esp. used in preparing a betel nut chew).Butangan in pisaw ha mamaan.Put the knife inside the betel nut box.Cf.laring
pisivag mag-; pat -un.To shell (peanuts, marang seeds, etc.); shell (corn, i.e., remove the grains from the cob).Pisi na kaw batung yan.Come and shell some peanuts.SYN.*kulisi
pisitanA coin, change.Hulugan pa alkansiya in manga pisita yan.Put those coins in the piggybank.
piskalEng.nA fiscal, public prosecutor.Piyuas na sin piskal in parkalaꞌ.The fiscal dismissed the case.Cf.abugaw
pisngakvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.(For people or animals) to snort (in order to clear the nasal passageway).Nakapisngak aku ha saꞌbu nagsasambahayang.I happened to snort while praying.Cf.haguk 1
pisngivar.pisninCheek.Siyuma siya ha pisngi.Kiss her on the cheek.6: The Parts of the Body