Tausug - English


tangkikilvar.tangkikinA wart.Mataud tangkikil ha gulamay lima niya.He has lots of warts on his finger.vST pat -un.To develop warts.Tangkikilun kaw bang kaw kalaminan niya.You’ll develop warts if you catch them from him.Tiyatangkikil in takuꞌ sin bataꞌ ini.This child’s chin has lots of warts.
tangkilvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To sew (pieces of cloth) together.Subay tangkilun duwa palmaddaniꞌ ampa makajukup hipaghanig ha lantay sin masjid.Two carpets must be sewn together and then it will be enough to cover the floor of the mosque.In lagguꞌ sin bāy nila subay tangkilan hangka-būs kakanaꞌ in lūhul ampa makaabut.Their house is so large that a roll of cloth has to be sewn onto the cloth ceiling so it will be big enough.
*tangkis1vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To avoid, evade, dodge (something as a blow or potholes in a road by moving quickly aside); avoid (someone).Magtangkis siya bang niya aku kakitaan.He avoids me whenever he sees me.Katangkisan ku in suntuk sin kuntara ku.I can evade the blow of my opponent.2vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To take precautions to avoid (something that might cause difficulty or injury), evade (something unpleasant).Subay kita tumangkis dayn ha kālu.We should avoid a quarrel.Ayaw kaw tumangkis dayn ha utang mu.Don’t evade (payment of) your debt.adjmatangkisCharacterized by avoiding (something).In tau lisuan asal matangkis dayn ha hinang.A lazy person is always characterized by avoiding (i.e., avoids) work.Cf.halliꞌ 1
tangkugvar.tingkug2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To touch, move (something).Ayaw mu tangkuga in tau yan.Don’t touch that fellow.Tiyangkug niya in diyarā ku hangkan na nahulug.He touched the thing I was carrying, that’s why it fell.
tangkupnThe joint where the stem joins the fruit or flower.Ayaw pusua in mampallam dayn ha tangkup niya.Don’t break the mango from the place where its stem joins it.
tangkuwanAn indigenous confection made from cassava or soybeans.Procedure: cook the cassava and slice it into pieces then fry in oil in a frying pan. After it’s cooked, fry it again in melted sugar until it’s sticky.Marayaw in tangkuwa inumun sin tau iyuutus sabab haggut ini.Cassava cake is good to be taken as medicine for people with chicken pox because it removes heat from the body.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
tanglungnA Chinese lantern (made of a bamboo frame covered with paper).Subay kita maghinang na tanglung masuuk na in haylaya.We should make a Chinese lantern, for the festival is approaching.
tangsiꞌnNylon (monofilament) line (used for fishing).Tangsiꞌ in hukut sin taguriꞌ niya.The string of his kite is nylon line.Cf.naylun
*tangsuꞌvtCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To separate, detach, disjoin, disconnect (something) quickly and roughly; tear (something) off.Tiyangsuꞌ niya in ū sin munyikaꞌ.She tore off the doll’s head.viST pat ma-.To become detached, disjoined, disconnected.Natangsuꞌ in tūbu sin tubig.The water pipe has become disconnected.Cf.*larut
tangtangvtCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To take off, remove (something from something else, as buttons or other detachable objects); take something apart.In ād daan na maluhay tangtangun.An old fence is easy to take apart.Tangtanga in siki sin lamisahan supaya makasūd pa lawm bilik.Take off the legs of the table so that it can go inside the room.viST pat ma-.To come apart, be dismantled, come off or out (of something).Pahuguta in pagsiput bat diꞌ matangtang in saub.Screw it tightly so the lid won’t come off.OV SYN.tanggal2 1
tangunWisdom teeth (of a person).Tiyubuan na tangu in bataꞌ ini.This child has wisdom teeth growing now.Cf.ipuntampung1
*tanguꞌvag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To nod, express approval or affirmation, accept (something).Ayaw kaw magtanguꞌ bang kaw diꞌ mabayaꞌ.Don’t nod when you’re not in favor.Bang kita sundalu, unu-unu in uldin sin nakuraꞌ ta subay tanguan ta sadja.If we are soldiers, whatever the orders of our officers are we must always accept them.
tangun1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To elevate (something, usu. a boat, by placing it or part of it on top of something else).Magtangun sila sin lansa nagkakangiꞌ.They are going to elevate the launch that broke down.Tangunun ta subay in lansa ha supaya kabākan in buslut niya.We have to elevate the launch so that we can find the leak.2vact maka-.To recover (one’s health or wealth), improve (one’s condition).Sabab sin sakit niya walaꞌ na siya nakatangun.He was not able to recover from his sickness.OV SYN.untayaw
tanyagadj(Widely) known, famous, popular.Tanyag siya pa katān mānusiyaꞌ.He is known to all people.vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-, -un.To make (something) known; proclaim, publish, announce (something).Subay hitanyag pa mahadjanaꞌ in pagbī sin sayrulla.We should announce to the populace that they should buy a residence certificate.Cf.bantug 1mahalayak
tāpEng.nSometimes rdp.The quality of being forward or aggressive (in speech) (also katāp).Diꞌ aku kasulutan sin tāp niya magbissara.I’m not pleased with his aggressive manner of speaking.adjmatāpToo forward or aggressive (in speech).Ayaw da kaw matāp bang kaw magbissara.Don’t be too forward when you speak to her.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.Sometimes rdp.To be forward or aggressive (in speech).Subay bukun aku in pagtāp-tāpan mu.I shouldn’t be the one that you speak forwardly to.
tapavCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To roast (something) above hot embers, dry (something) over live embers (but not touching them).Tapa kaw duwa istaꞌ.Roast two fish.Tapaha niyu in lahing.Dry the coconut meat over live coals.Diꞌ aku magkaun istaꞌ tiyapa.I don’t eat roasted fish.ntapahanA rack on which something is roasted in this manner.Cf.dangdang*anag
tapaknA saucer.Butangan ha tapak in sawan.Place the cup on the saucer.Cf.lāy
tapautadvToo late, behind time.Tapaut na magpatahiꞌ badjuꞌ bihaun sabab mahapun ini na kagunahan.It’s too late now to have this dress sewed for it’s needed this afternoon.Tapaut na aku tumulak.I am too late leaving.vag mag-.To be behind time, late.Magtapaut in pagtulak bang mataud pa in hinangun.The departure will be late if there’s a lot more work to do.Cf.apikitarasaw
tapaynAn indigenous confection made of rice and sticky rice (pūtan). (Seldom made nowadays.)Procedure: cook the rice and pūtan but undercook them, then mix them with spices especially pepper (laluꞌ). Wrap the mixture in a big leaf which is not poisonous and keep it overnight. It is ready to eat in the morning.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
tapiꞌnThe siding (of a boat, made of planks).Nabagbag in tapiꞌ sin sakayan.The siding of the outrigger canoe is broken.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To place planks together (so as to form the siding of a boat).Tapii in kīd sakayan mu.Plank up the side of your canoe.
tapilnSomething alongside something else, companion.In tapil sin kugita ini diyaragang duun ha tabuꞌ nabī sin Milikan.The companion of this octopus sold there in the market was bought by the American.vpat mag-, -um-.With mag-, both people or objects go side by side. With -um-, one is stationary and the other comes alongside it.To approach sideways, (as a horse to a mounting block, a ship to a dock), be side by side, come alongside or get beside (something).Bang aku makarungug timbak ha lawm daira magtuy aku tumapil pa hāg simintu.When I hear shooting in the town I quickly get beside a cement post.Magpatapil aku sin kuraꞌ pa batu bat aku makasakat.I’ll let the horse approach the stone sideways so that I can mount it.Piyatapil sin kapitan in kappal pa jambatan supaya in tau makanaug.The captain let the ship approach the dock sideways so that the people can get off.OV SYN.sampig 1daig 1
tapil dilaꞌnToken of good faith (lit. cover for the tongue).Gold jewelry or money presented to the bride’s family as a symbol or token of the honorable intention and desire of the bridegroom’s family to be related to the future in-laws. It is returned to the bridegroom’s family if the wedding goes through, but if it fails then it is considered lost and stays with the girl’s family.
tapis1nA (medium-sized) blanket or dress tied around the waist reaching the ankles, sarong.In tapis niya tadjung.What she has tied around her waist is a sarong.In tapis niya kakanaꞌ biyungahan.Her dress tied around the waist is in design cloth.In walnaꞌ sin tapis niya landuꞌ matūp kaniya.The color of the blanket she has tied around her waist really suits her.vag mag-, mang-, -um-.To wear such a garment, fold (a sarong) around the waist.Diꞌ maingat manapis in babai ini.This girl doesn’t know how to fold (a sarong) around her waist.Cf.ampiꞌhabultadjungvpat -un.To use (something) as such a garment.2adjReady in every respect, prepared, equipped.Bang kaw manaw pa pagbunuan subay tapis in baran mu.When you go to war you must be ready in every respect.OV SYN.tagamasakap
taplingnA light slap, smack.Namula in bayhuꞌ niya sin tapling mu.His face became red from your smack.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To slap (someone lightly on the face with the palm of the hand).Taplingun ta sa kān bang kaw diꞌ magkahagad kākuꞌ.I’ll slap you if you don’t obey me.OV SYN.sampakbaga2
taplukvar. oftaklupnThe cover (of an opening or container).