Tausug - English


tapsilvar.tapsirAr.nA translation or interpretation (of the Holy Koran).Marayaw bang awn tapsil sin Kuraan ha bahasa Sūg.It would be good if the Koran had a Tausug translation.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To translate, interpret (the Koran).Mahunit tapsilan in Kuraan ha tau way nakapangadjiꞌ.It’s difficult to translate the Koran for those who have not taken religious studies.Cf.maana
taptapvar.tattapadvAlways, eternally, forever.Taptap kaw ha atay ku.You will always be in my heart.vpat mag-, -um-.To stay (in one place), be at ease.Magtaptap na kunuꞌ siya ha bāy bang awn na tibi.He says he will stay at home if there’s a TV.Tumaptap sadja in atay ku bang kaw dī na ha bāy.My mind will be at ease only when you’re here at home.Cf.saumulsalama-lama
tapuꞌ1vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.(For a bird or flying insect) to perch, alight.Timapuꞌ in manuk-manuk ha sanga sin kahuy.The bird perched on the branch of the tree.2vAR ag (a disease) -um-, mag-; ran -an.To be attacked (by a disease).Mahunit kaw tapuan sin sakit bang kaw maayad ha baran mu.You’ll not be attacked by a disease if you’re careful of yourself.
tapukvCV 1 ag mag, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To hide or conceal (something).Tiyapuk niya in būk ku.He hid my book.Hitapuk ku in bataꞌ-bataꞌ ha lawm bilik.I’ll hide the child inside the room.Tapukan in būla niya.You hide his ball.Ayaw mu aku pagtapuki.Don’t conceal anything from me.npagtatapukanA place for hiding.In bāy yaun pagtatapukan sin manga sugarul.That house is the hiding place of the thieves.Cf.*libun
tapungnRice flour.Subay tapung in hipaghinang panyam.One should use rice flour to make fried rice cake.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To pound (rice) into flour.Tapungun ta in bugas ini.Let’s pound this rice into flour.Cf.tirigu
tapusn(With bulan) the end.Maggadji kami ha tapus bulan.We’ll receive our salary at the end of the month.vpat ma-; goal -un; ran -an.To reach the end or limit (of one’s kindness, advice or counsel), interrogate exhaustively.Natapus aku naghinduꞌ ha anak ku saꞌ diꞌ magkahagad.I’ve given my son all the advice that I can but he won’t listen to me.Tapusun ku in dayaw ku kaymu.I’ll reach the end of my kindness to you.Tapusi in tau yan bat mamaytaꞌ sin bunnal.Interrogate that man exhaustively so he’ll tell you the truth.Cf.ubustangbustubtub 1*jangkaꞌhinapusan
*tāraꞌvag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To gad about, saunter, loiter.Bukun marayaw in budjang magtāraꞌ dūm adlaw.It’s not proper for ladies to gad about day and night.npagtāraꞌThe act of gadding, sauntering, loitering.Unu in kiyabākan mu ha pagtāraꞌ mu?What did you find during your sauntering?Cf.panaw 1*lunsulkātay*pasiyal
tāranvar.tādanseetagadnA source of income.
tarapuvar.trapunA rag for dusting or cleaning.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To wipe (something) with a rag.Tarapuhi in lamisahan.Wipe the table with a rag.OV SYN.*lanuꞌCf.*pahid
tarasawadjLate, delayed, overdue, belated.Tarasaw in pagdatung sin kappal.The arrival of the boat was late.viST pat ma-.To be late, overdue, delayed, belated.Samut kaw. Matarasaw kita.Hurry up. We’ll be late.vtag mag-; pat -un.To make (something) late, delay (something).Tiyarasaw mu isab in panaw ku ha pagtāran kaymu.You delayed my going out with waiting for you.Cf.*antaraꞌtapaut
tarasulnA (rhyming) poem.Rhymes aaaa, bbbb, cccc, etc.Makahansul atay in tarasul niya.His poems will stir your emotions.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; goal/ben -an.To recite or chant a poem.Tarasul kaw dūm ini.Recite us a poem tonight.Tarasuli aku sin marayaw.Recite to me a good poem.Cf.sindilbaat
taratunA person with whom one has a business contact.Lawag kaw taratu mu Samal bang kaw magbisnis tahay.Look for a Sama business contact if you go into the dried fish market.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To make a business contact (with someone).Ayaw kaw magtaratu iban tau pangustaw.Don’t make a business contact with an embezzler.Cf.sukiꞌ
tarawinThe evening prayer during Ramadan (usu. at the mosque; takes the place of the usual prayer and consists of more rakaat).vag mag-, -um-.To perform this prayer.Bang in Muslim saꞌbu nagpupuasa wajib da isab kaniya in magad magtarawi.When a Muslim is fasting he is obligated to perform the evening Ramadan prayer.Cf.sambahayang
taraysikulEng.nA tricycle (a bicycle or motorcycle with a sidecar for carrying passengers), pedicab.Duwa pilak in sukay ha taraysikul.The fare by pedicab is two pesos.vag mag-; goal -un.To ride on or drive such a tricycle.Magtaraysikul kita pagꞌuwiꞌ dayn ha tabuꞌ.We will ride a tricycle home from the market.
tariknA cockpit.Mataud tau nagbulang ha tarik.There were many people entering their cocks in fights at the cockpit.SYN.bulanganbulang
taritibvar.tartibnRules, regulations; the sequence (of a course of study, of a story, etc.).In taritib ha paghinduꞌ magbista umbul kalagihan adlaw-adlaw.The rules (principles) in teaching numbers are needed every day.In taritib sin salsila niya himūp pa utuk sin kabataan.The sequence of his narration stuck in the minds of the children.In taritib sin saraꞌ sin parinta subay diꞌ ta langgalun.We must not go against the rules and regulations of the law of the government.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To follow a sequence, put (things) in sequence.Bang kita maghinduꞌ magbassa subay taritibun in paghinduꞌ dayn ha tagnaan sampay pa kahinapusan.When we teach reading we should follow the sequence of teaching from the beginning to the end.
tarkadjutadjSudden, happening unexpectedly, instantaneous.In sakit niya tarkadjut, hangkan da walaꞌ siya narā pa huspital.Her illness was sudden; that’s why she wasn’t taken to a hospital.In kamatay kaniya tarkadjut.Her death was sudden.vact mag-.To happen suddenly.In pahāti niya pasal sin pagtulak namuꞌ nagtarkadjut.His information about our journey happened suddenly.OV SYN.apikiCf.*taghaꞌ
tarrangadjLegal, lawful, licensed, legitimate (also matarrang).Tarrang in pagꞌusaha niya.His business is legal.nkatarranganLicense, written permit, proof of legality or legitimacy.Diꞌ kaw makabī bugas mataud bang way katarrangan mu dayn ha parinta.You cannot buy rice in large quantities if you don’t have a written permit from the government.viST pat -um-.To become legal, legitimate.Tumarrang sa in lupaꞌ mu yan bang mu kawaan sulat ha parinta.Your ownership of the land will become legitimate if you secure papers of ownership from the government.vtpat -un (usu. with pa₂).To make (something) legal.Subay tarrangun in pagdā sinapang pa lawm daira.The carrying of firearms into the city should be made legal.
tarsangngangadjTaken aback, stunned, startled; amazed.Tarsangngang in tau katān pagdungug sin habal.The people were stunned by the news.vST pat magka-, ma-.To be taken aback, stunned, startled.Matarsangngang sān in tunang mu pagkitaꞌ kaymu.Your fiancé will be taken aback when he sees you.Cf.kublaꞌinu-inu 1haylan
tarsilavar. ofsalsilanA genealogy, genealogical story.
tāruknA mast (of a boat).Nabaliꞌ in tāruk sin kumpit.The mast of the sailing boat is broken.Subay awn tāruk sin bangkaꞌ malagguꞌ bat kabutangan banug.A large outrigger canoe should have a mast so we can put a sail on it.
tarungnA topknot (an ornamental knot of hair or bow of ribbon worn on top of the head), the crest (of a bird).Bīhan ku pa tarung biyaꞌ ini hi Indaꞌ.I’ll buy Indaꞌ a topknot like this.Malingkat pakarayaw in tarung nabī mu kan Indaꞌ.The topknot you bought for Indaꞌ is very beautiful.vag/act mag-, mag-…-an.To have such an ornamental knot of hair, (for birds) to have a crest.Mabayaꞌ kaw magtarung?Do you want to have a topknot?
tasanA drinking cup (with a handle, made of metal).Hinang kaw kahawa ha tasa.Make coffee in the metal cup.OV SYN.sawan1basu
*tasak1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To crush (something with one’s feet with the intent to destroy it), trample on (something).Tiyasak sin manga kabataan in pananum ha halaman niya.The kids crushed the plants in his garden.Tiyasak sin bataꞌ in kulangan sin tawmpaꞌ malummiꞌ.The child trampled on the bedding with dirty shoes.Cf.giik2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To pierce (someone).Tasaka siya sin budjak.Pierce him with a spear.Cf.dugsuꞌ
tasdikvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To take (something) to heart, (with atay) remember (something) well.Tiyasdik niya pa atay niya in hinduꞌ sin maas niya.She took her parent’s teachings to heart.Subay pagtasdikun in manga hinduꞌ sin guru.We have to take to heart the teachings of the religious teachers.Tasdika ha atay mu, na in bāy ini biyaꞌ da kaymu.Remember it well, this house is like it belongs to you.OV SYN.tawꞌ