Tausug - English


tawbatnContrition, earnest repentance.In tawbat minsan diꞌ hipamung kaingatan da sin Tuhan.God knows about a person’s repentance even if it isn’t spoken.vag mag-, -um-; goal pag-…-an.To atone for (sins or wrongdoing) by asking forgiveness, repent, do penance.Subay kaw magtawbat sin dusa mu ha diꞌ pa mugtuꞌ in napas mu.You should ask forgiveness for your sins while you are still alive.Cf.susun1 1sugsug tawbatcomp.vA ritual to solve a misunderstanding between members of a family.
*tawhanvag mag-; goal -an.To bet (with someone, not necessarily with money).Minsan yan tawhanan ku diꞌ dumatung adlaw yan in gadji niyu.I bet your salary does not arrive today.Cf.tūk 1
tawhidvag -um-, mag-; pat -un.To trust (someone) fully, have complete faith (in someone, usu. God; used only in a religious sense).Bang kita manaw pa malayuꞌ tumawhid kita pa Tuhan.If we travel far away let us have complete faith in God.Tawhid kaw pa Tuhan bang malayuꞌ iban makabugaꞌ in panaw mu.Have full trust in God if your journey is far and dangerous.OV SYN.pangandul
tawidnThe ocean, high seas, deep blue sea.Nalunud ha tawid in kappal.The ship sank on the high seas.Cf.ānganlawd1 karajum
tawkasiꞌadjmatawkasiꞌDiligent (in doing intricate, detailed, hard, or difficult things).Matawkasiꞌ siya pawyu-pawyu magnasihat sin kallam sin Tuhan.He is diligent wherever he goes preaching the word of God.Cf.tibut
tawkinA big businessman, owner of a large store (usu. a Chinese).In tawki ha tinda baꞌgu yaun, Lannang.The owner of the newly opened store is a Chinese.Bang in tau pagtawagan tawki, hāti niya dayahan.If a man is called a big businessman, it means he is rich.
tawktuknSpots of dirt, soil, stain (usu. with tamak).In pantalun ku mataud tawktuk niya.My pants are full of spots of dirt.Bang kita pa langgal magsambahayang subay way tamak-tawktuk sin tamungun ta.When we go to the mosque to pray, there should be no stains on our clothes.vran ka-…-an.To be spotted with dirt, soiled, stained.Kiyatawktukan in pantalun niya sin tawyu.His pants are stained by soy sauce.OV SYN.tamak 1
tawmpaꞌnA shoe.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To wear shoes, put shoes on (someone).Subay kaw magtawmpaꞌ bat kaw diꞌ kapalian.You have to wear shoes so your feet won’t get hurt.vpat -un.To use (something) as footwear.Unu in tawmpaun mu?What will you use as footwear?OV SYN.sapatus
tawmpaꞌ-tawmpaꞌnA type of panyam in the shape of a shoe.
Tawrat1nThe holy book (believed to have been) revealed (by God) to Moses.Ha Kitab Tawrat kabaakan in manga saraꞌ-manaraꞌ piyanaug sin Tuhan sin nakauna yadtu.In the holy book revealed to Moses we find the various laws God gave in olden times.Cf.InjilJaburKuraan2nThe Pentateuch (the first five books of the Old Testament).
tawsannA body of water or channel between islands.Malawm in tawsan ha Tawi-Tawi.The channel at Tawi-Tawi is very deep.
tawtayanak(from Caw + talianak)nmagtawtayanakParents and children, an entire family.Timulak sila katān magtawtayanak pa Manila.The whole family sailed to Manila.
tawtaymanghud(from Caw + taymanghud)nMembers of the entire family including brothers, sisters, cousins, parents, aunts, uncles, etc.; relatives, (also magtawtaymanghud).Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ lumayuꞌ dayn ha tawtaymanghud ku.I don’t want to be far from my relatives.Cf.lahasiyaꞌ1 1
tawti1nCatfish (generic).2: Fish and Swimming Marine Creatures2nStinging catfish.Masakit tuud makatunuk in tawti.When a stinging catfish pricks (with its spines) it is really painful.Plotusus anguillaris
tayꞌnWaste matter, human filth, excrement.Pahiri in tayꞌ sin bataꞌ ha lantay.Wipe up the baby’s waste matter from the floor.SYN.nadjistayꞌ ilungcomp.nNosewax.Īgi in tayꞌ ilung mu.Get rid of your nosewax.
tayꞌtiꞌ1vact mag-, -um-.(For water) to come down, drizzle.Timayꞌtiꞌ na in ulan, subay kita magdā payung.The rain is already drizzling, we must bring an umbrella.Cf.bunuk-bunuk2nA yearly traditional celebration in honor of the dead (see bulan tayꞌtiꞌ).Scrapings of branches of the sandanaꞌ tree are mixed with water. An imam pours this water on graves.In manga Muslim magꞌuwiꞌ tuud pa hulaꞌ nila sumaꞌbu sin paghinang tayꞌtiꞌ.Muslims will really go home to their place for the yearly celebration in honor of the dead.
*tayak1vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-, -un.To hold out (one’s hand with palms up).Tayakan in lima mu bat kaw karihilan sīn.Hold out your hand so that you will be given money.2adjtiyatayakIndulged, showered with love, freed from domestic work.Anak dayahan in mawmu tiyatayak sin maas nila.It is the rich children who are often indulged by their parents.Cf.*angun*langkadakag3vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To defend (something).Bang magtayak sin bangsa, lillaꞌ baran mabugtuꞌ.When we defend our people, it doesn’t matter even if our life is taken.
tayakkupadjUnited.Diꞌ humatul in hulaꞌ bang in tau katān bukun tayakkup.The country will have no peace if the people are not united.vag/aux mag-; pat -un.To unite.Magtayakkup kitaniyu katantan mamawgbug ha hulaꞌ.We will unite to help our country.OV SYN.hambuuk 1
tayanakvar. oftalianaknThe relationship between parents and children.
tayhupannA length of hollow bamboo or pipe (used to blow through to fan a small fire on the hearth).Huyupa sin tayhupan bat mabuhiꞌ in kāyu.Blow through the pipe so that the fire will blaze.
taykud(from likud)1nThe back (of the body from the nape of the neck to the end of the spine).Nalūs sin suga in taykud niya.His back is sunburned.6: The Parts of the BodyvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To turn one’s back (on something).Taykud kaw bat mu kami diꞌ kakitaan.Turn your back so you won’t see us.Ayaw kaw tumaykud dayn kākuꞌ bang aku nagbibichara.Don’t turn your back when I’m talking to you.Unu in kiyataykuran mu dayn ha Lupaꞌ Sūg?What was the situation in Jolo when you left? (lit. What did you turn your back on in Jolo?).Cf.butas2vact -um-; ran -an.Euph.To depart from (the world, people, in death).Tiyaykuran niya na in manga anak asawa niya.He departed from his wife and children.
taymaꞌvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To accept, receive (something).Taymaꞌ kaw sin sarakka.You receive the alms.Nagpangasawa sila saꞌ walaꞌ tiyaymaꞌ.They asked for the lady’s hand but they were not accepted.OV SYN.*tabuk
taymanghud(from manghud)nSibling, brother, sister.Siya in magꞌipat ha manga taymanghud niya bang wayruun in inaꞌ niya.She is the one who takes care of her siblings when the mother isn’t there.vRC act mag-; goal -un.To be in a sibling relationship (to someone else); make (someone) like a sibling.Magtaymanghud ka kamu?Are you brothers/sisters?SYN.langgung
taymanghud pandungnSomeone treated or considered like a brother or sister, very close friend, bosom pal.Hi Rowena in taymanghud ku pandung.Rowena is my bosom pal.
taynganEar.Atulihi in taynga mu bat kaw makarungug marayaw.Take the wax out of your ears so you can hear well.6: The Parts of the Body