Tausug - English


taynghugvag mag-, -um-, mang-; goal -an.To pay close attention to, listen carefully to, take note of (something).Taynghug kaw sin bissara niya.Listen carefully to what he says.Taynghugi in datung niya.Take note of his arrival.Cf.dungug
tayngtingvar. ofkagingkingnThe top stem of a bamboo.
taysayvar.talisaynTropical almond (a tree that grows near the shore, the leaves of which were used to blacken teeth).Masūb in manga kamaasan magbutang taysay ha ipun nila.The old folks really like to put tropical almond leaves on their teeth.5: Plants
taytayvTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To cross a bridge (to a place).Timaytay siya pa hansipak subaꞌ.He crossed the bridge to the other side of the river.ntaytayanA bridge (usu. made of bamboo or wood).Patung in taytayan pa bāy nila.The bridge to their house is made of bamboo poles.Maghibal-hibal in taytayan harap pa bāy namuꞌ.The wooden bridge going to our house is rocking.
nTea.Inum kaw bang masakit in ū mu.Drink tea when your head aches.
tiꞌlisnTuberculosis.Ayaw kaw magsāw magkaun ha tau taga sakit tiꞌlis.Don’t eat together with someone who has tuberculosis.8: DiseasesvST pat -un.To develop tuberculosis.Tiꞌlisun kaw bang kaw maghinang way hali.You’ll get tuberculosis if you work without rest.SYN.tibi1
tibagvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To break (something) into pieces, split (something) in two.Nagtibag in manga pilisu sin batu lakit.The prisoners are breaking the solid rock into pieces.Siya in nakatibag sin pasu sin sumping.He is the one who broke the flower pot into pieces.Subay tibagan tiyuꞌ-tiyuꞌ in batu yan bat makatuput ha lungag.We have to break that rock a little so that it can fit in the hole.Tibagun ku naa sin utak in nangkaꞌ hinug ini.I’ll split first this ripe jackfruit into two with a bolo.OV SYN.*sipakbagbag 1
*tibawvTV ag mang-, mag-, -um-; goal -un.To visit (someone, often a sick person or a woman who has just given birth), go to see (something, e.g., one’s field to see how the crop is doing).Tibawun ta hi Babuꞌ mu baꞌgu nagꞌanak.Let’s visit your auntie who just gave birth.Tibawun ta in tiyanum bang nabuhiꞌ da.Let’s go to see whether the vegetable plants are still alive.Cf.bisitakakapntitibawanSomething brought by a visitor.Bangbang in titibawan nila kākuꞌ.It was cookies that the visitors brought me.
tibi1Eng.nTuberculosis.SYN.tiꞌlis8: Diseases
tibi2Eng.nTelevision.In tibi ini bukun da isab marayaw pa manga bataꞌ iskul.Television is not really good for school children.
tibiꞌnA nick or chip (on the edge of glassware, earthenware, etc.).Awn tibiꞌ sin higad basu ini.There is a chip on the edge of this glass.adjHaving a nick or notch on the edge.Ayaw kaw magꞌinum ha basu tibiꞌ.Don’t drink from a glass with nicked edges.vtCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To chip, nick (the edge of something).Ayaw tibia in basu.Don’t chip the glass.viST pat ma-.To become chipped (on the edge).Kamayaꞌ kaw maghugas sin lāy bat diꞌ matibiꞌ.Be careful washing the dishes so they won’t become chipped.Cf.sumbingkibaklubbak
tiblukadjStraight down (into the soil).In gamut tagnaꞌ sin kahuy tibluk.The primary root of the tree is straight down.Bang kamu magpatindug hāg subay tibluk.When you erect a post it should be straight down.OV SYN.malawmlawm 1.1
*tibtibntibtibanThe end or extent (of something), boundary.Haunu in tibtiban sin lupaꞌ niyu?Where is the boundary of your land?OV SYN.tubtub 1
*tibuꞌvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To hit or strike (someone) with the fist.Tibua in bataꞌ ha taykud.Sock the child on the back.Hipatibuꞌ ku siya ha magulang ku.I’ll have my older brother sock him.vRC ag mag-.(For people) to hit one another (with their fists).Hundung na kamu magtibuꞌ.Stop hitting each other.Cf.suntuk
tibulungadjRound, spherical, globe-like, circular.Tibulung in būla.The ball is round.vipat ma-.To become round, spherical, or circular.Diꞌ sa yan matibulung bang bihān in paghinang mu.That won’t become round if you do it that way.vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To make (something) round, spherical, or circular.Tibulunga in pagꞌutud mu sin kātas.Cut the paper in a circle.
tibūsan(from būs₂ + -an₁)nA roll (of cloth).Bī kaw kakanaꞌ ha tibūsan.Buy cloth by the roll.Hangka-tibūsan kakanaꞌ in natakaw ha lawm tinda kabii.A roll of cloth was stolen in the store last night.OV SYN.gulung
tibutgimb.tiꞌbutnDiligence, industriousness.advDiligently, industriously.Tibut kaw maghinang.Work diligently.vtag magpa-; goal -an.To do (something) industriously, diligently.Sumūng in gadji mu bang kaw magpatibut sin hinang mu.Your wages will increase if you do your work diligently.Tibuti in hinang mu ha diksiyunari.Give diligence to your work on the dictionary.viST pat -um-.To become industrious, diligent.Tumibut sa yan maghinang ha lawm bāy bang mu dihilan sīn.She will become industrious helping in the house if you give her money.adjmatibutIndustrious, diligent, hard-working.Matibut in manga Ilukanu.The Ilocanos are industrious.Cf.matawkasiꞌtawkasiꞌ
tibuuk(from *buuk)adjNot broken, damaged or defective; intact, not divided up, in a single unit.Tibuuk in apam dīhil niya kākuꞌ.She gave me the whole hotcake.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To unite, render (something) intact.Tibuukun taniyu in sīn natuꞌ bat kitaniyu makabī jīp.Let’s put our money together so that we can buy a jeep.In lāy bang mabagbag diꞌ na matibuuk magbalik.A plate, if it breaks, cannot be made intact again.
tigallamvipat ma-, mang-, magka-.(For something) to be lost or disappear suddenly (with an undetermined cause).Tawꞌan in unu-unu mu ampa diꞌ matigallam.Keep your things properly so that they will not disappear suddenly.Manigallam sadja sa yan in unu-unu mu bang mu diꞌ hitawꞌ marayaw.Your things will just disappear suddenly if you don’t keep them very well.vtpat -un.To lose (something, usu. spoken in anger).Nakaruwa ku na siya binīhan lilus sagawaꞌ tigallamun niya hadja.I have bought him a watch twice now but he just loses them.OV SYN.lawaꞌ2 *lanyap
*tigangvST pat -um-, mang-.To become very dry or crispy.Manigang in kakahuyan bang timpu panuga.The trees will become very dry during the dry season.adjmatigangVery dry (of land, trees, clothes, etc.), crisp (of fried or roasted fish, chicken, etc.).Matigang in istaꞌ ini.This fish is crisp.Cf.tahay 1gangganglapuk
tigbasvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To chop, hack, stab (something).Nagtigbas in manga tau gimba ha pagkālu nila.The people from the interior were hacking each other during their fight.Natigbas in lima niya sin utak.His hand was hacked by a bolo.Tigbasa in kahuy yaun.You chop that tree.utud
tigdaꞌnThe strength of the flow (of liquids or air, as wind, rain, blood from a wound, or menstruation).Bukun bihayan in tigdaꞌ sin tubig ha pansul namuꞌ.The flow of the water isn’t like that from our faucet.vST pat -um-.(For a flow of liquid or air) to become strong, heavy, hard.Uwiꞌ na kaw bābā diꞌ tumigdaꞌ in ulan.You better go home while the rain hasn’t become heavy yet.adjmatigdaꞌ(Of the flow of liquid or air) strong, heavy, hard.Matigdaꞌ in tubig ha giripu namuꞌ.We have a strong flow of water from our faucet.Cf.kusug 1
tighanadvAll at one time, wholesale.Tighan sila biyunuꞌ.They were murdered all at the same time.Tighan aku magpamī-mī sabab maluhay.I buy things wholesale, for it’s cheaper.vaux mag-; pat -un.(To do things) all at one time; (buy) the whole (of something).Bang tū karut dakuman in bugas mu, tighanun ku na.If you only have three sacks of rice left, I’ll buy it all.Cf.katān
tigiꞌvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To beat (a gong).Tigia in agung bang dumatung in Sultan.Beat the gong as soon as the Sultan arrives.npagtigiꞌThe beating of a gong.Makabisu in pagtigiꞌ sin agung.The beating of the gong is deafening.Cf.lisag 1tigtig
tigidig-tigidignThe sound made by a horse galloping.Pagdungug niya tigidig-tigidig kiyaingatan niya awn kuraꞌ limabay.When he heard the galloping sound he knew a horse passed by.