Tausug - English


tigidlumadjDark, gloomy.Tigidlum in bilik mu.Your room is dark.Tigidlum in lawm gulangan.The forest is gloomy.vST pat -um-, mang-.To be or become dark, gloomy.Sūi in lansuk bat diꞌ manigidlum in bilik.Light the candle so that your room won’t be so dark.Cf.lindum 1
tignusnA juicy variety of jackfruit having good meat.Cf.luyaꞌ
*tigpuꞌvtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To break (something) off (from the part or point where it is joined or connected, as the temple of glasses from its frame, or the handle of a cup).Tigpuun ku in sumping dayn ha sanga niya.I’ll break off the flower from its stem.viST pat ma-.To break or be broken off in such a way.Natigpuꞌ in tangkay sin sawan.The handle of the cup has broken off.Cf.baliꞌ 1bugtuꞌ 1
tigsikvar. of*pigsikvTo splatter, spatter; share (something with someone).
tigtigvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To strike or sound (a gong).Tīgtig na in layal agung tagul banuwa.The royal gong was sounded.Cf.gandingtigiꞌlisag 1
*tigtigvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To chop (something hard and brittle such as ice or shells) into small pieces.Tigtiga ba kākuꞌ in ays ini.Will you chop this ice up for me?Cf.pugpug
tigub-tigubanadv(Of an enclosed space) pitch (dark), extremely (dark); (of the sea) extremely (deep).Bang in bāy way ilaw tigidlum tigub-tiguban in lawm.If a house has no lights it is extremely dark inside.OV SYN.bitu-bituhan
tigulvar. oftugulnZealousness, insistence, persistence.
tigum-tigumnA riddle.Diꞌ ku katukuran in tigum-tigum niya.I can’t guess his riddle.SYN.tukud-tukud
tiiladjStarving or deprived (of necessities, usu. food).In manga tau paguy tiil ha pagkaun.The evacuees are starving for food.viST pat ma-.To starve, be or become deprived (of something).Matiil in manga tau bang diꞌ dumatung in bugas.The people will starve if the rice doesn’t arrive.vtCH 1 pat -un.To starve (someone), deprive someone of something.Subay diꞌ tiilun in manga Samal sin pagꞌiskul.The Badjaws must not be deprived of education.OV SYN.siksaꞌ
tikangnA step, pace (as in walking).Panaw kaw hangka-tikang pa unahan.Take one step forward.vTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To take steps, walk.Iyampa tumikang in bataꞌ-bataꞌ in kamatay sin amaꞌ.The baby had just learned to walk when the father died.Cf.giikpanaw 1
tikbiꞌnTicwee buzzard.1: Birds and Flying Insects
*tikbiꞌvact mag-, -um-.(For things) to strike slightly against each other so as to cause a little crack or breakage (as of glassware, porcelain, ceramics).Ayari bang kaw magbutang sin kassaꞌ bat diꞌ magtikbiꞌ.Be careful in placing the bottles so that they will not strike against each other and break.Cf.*dugtulbanggul
tikdagnA hard blow with the foot or feet, heavy kick.Iyaluman siya sin tikdag mu.He is black and blue because of your heavy kick.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To strike at (something) heavily with the foot or feet.Baytaꞌ kaw sin bunnal bat ta kaw diꞌ tikdagan.Tell me the truth or else I’ll kick you hard.Patikdagan ta kaw ha amaꞌ mu bang kaw diꞌ magkahagad kākuꞌ.I’ll have your father kick you hard if you don’t mind me.SYN.takdugOV SYN.sipaꞌ 1
tikduhanannAn excuse, cause.Lumāg sadja kaw tikduhanan sin hikapagkālu ta.You are just looking for an excuse for us to quarrel.Limawag siya tikduhanan sin hikaīg namuꞌ dayn didtu.She is looking for an excuse so we can get out of there.OV SYN.sabab
tikmilLuuknAll (one’s) life.Tikmil ku, way aku nakakitaꞌ biyaꞌ hān.I never in all my life saw anything like that.Tikmil ku, nakaminsan da aku nakakadtu pa Manilaꞌ.In all my life, I was only able to go to Manila once.Cf.tagnaꞌ
tikmudvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To complete or finish (something).Siya na in nagtikmud sin manga hinang.She was the one who completed the work.Matikmud niyu in hinang bihaun?Can you complete the work now?Subay mu tikmurun in hinang ini ha diꞌ pa maabut Ahad.You must finish the work before Sunday.OV SYN.talus2timusubusnkiyatikmuranAn agreement; outcome.In kiyatikmuran sin miting maggardin.The agreement in the meeting was to have a garden.
tiksaꞌvar. ofsiksaꞌnSevere punishment.
tiktik1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To break (something) into small pieces (with an instrument such as a pick, hammer, or chisel).Nagtiktik sila sin intan ha lawm sin sungab.They broke the diamonds in the cave into small pieces.2vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To cut or break the end off (something).Magtiktik siya lambiꞌ.She’s cutting the ends off the snail shells.Tiktikan ta in duhul sin basiꞌ bat tumuput.We have to break off the end of the steel so that it can be accomodated.utud
tikuꞌadj(Of an object) crooked.Tikuꞌ in kahinang niya sin lawang.The way he made the door is crooked.OV SYN.bingkuk 1
*tikuꞌ-tikuꞌvnone maka-.Always preceded by the negative diꞌ.To make a move, do the least little thing.Diꞌ in anak niya makatikuꞌ-tikuꞌ pagꞌamahan niya.His children can’t make a move but he scolds them.vran ka-…-an.To be sensitive, easily annoyed, offended, irritated, disturbed (as by the actions of others); be touchy; (for an object) to be fragile.Diꞌ katikuꞌ-tikuan in bataꞌ yan tumangis.That child is sensitive (and) easily cries.Diꞌ katikuꞌ-tikuan in basu yan mabagbag.That glass is fragile. It easily breaks.Cf.tiyuꞌ-tiyuꞌ*tiyuꞌ
tikud-tikudnHeel.6: The Parts of the BodyMarayaw pa mutiꞌ in bukug ayaw sin tikud-tikud.sayingnNever run away from a fight (lit. It’s better to see a bone [from a wound] than to see heels [in running away]).
tikūnnGizzard.In tikūn amu na in pagluluunan sin lummiꞌ ha lawm sin tiyan sin manuk.The gizzard is the container of all the waste in the stomach of a chicken.Masarap ligangun in tikūn manuk.The gizzard of chicken is delicious when fried.
*tikupvag mag-; pat -un.To surround or encircle (someone with the intent to capture or harm).Natikup namuꞌ in manga atu namuꞌ hangkan da sila diyaug.We had surrounded our opponents that’s why they were defeated.Natikup sin sundalu in manga mundu.The outlaws are surrounded by the soldiers.Tīkup nila in tau mangiꞌ way na kapaguyan.They surrounded the bad people so they had no way to escape.OV SYN.libutlikus 1
tikusnA mouse.Kiyutkut in badjuꞌ ku sin tikus.My dress has been eaten by a mouse.Cf.ambaw4: Animals, Non-flying