Tausug - English


tikuynA confection made of sticky rice (usu. made by Chinese on their feast days).Bang maabut Haylaya Lannang tantu tuud maghinang tikuy in manga Lannang.The Chinese really bake sticky rice confection during Chinese New Year.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
*tiladvag mag-.To husk (betel nut).Siya in nagtilad sin pula sin apuꞌ niya.She was the one who husked the betel nut of her granny.
tilag1nTransparency, diaphanousness.Bukun sibuꞌ in tilag sin kakanaꞌ nabī ta.The transparency of the cloth which we bought is not the same.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To look at or see through (a transparent or semitransparent object).Tilaga in nigatib ini bat mu kakitaan in gusuk mu nabaliꞌ.Look at the negative so you can see your broken rib.adjmatilagTransparent, diaphanous, thin.Pagkamisun kaw sabab matilag in badjuꞌ mu.Wear a slip because your dress is transparent.Cf.nipis2ntilag-tilagA piece of cellophane, plastic bag.Kākuꞌ na ba in tilag-tilag sin siga mu yan.May I have the cellophane wrapper of your cigarette?
tilamnA mattress (too thick to be rolled up).Marayaw in parasahan ta magtūg ha tilam.It’s comfortable to sleep on a mattress.OV SYN.kama
*tilambukvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To winnow (rice, usu. from a flat basket [ligu]).Magtilambuk na aku sin bugas sabab kiyapīan na in pāy ha ini.I’ll winnow the rice since I have removed the palay from it.Subay tilambukan muna in bugas bakas pinīan ampa hibutang pa mital.You have to winnow first the rice with the palay already removed before putting it into a can.SYN.*tahap
tilambungnThe shell (ugab) of the mature unripe (butung) stage of a coconut.niyug
*tilasvag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran ka-…-an.To detect, find a clue, find out or figure out (something).Kiyatilasan ku sin bukun bunnal in bissara niya.I found out that what he said wasn’t true.OV SYN.bistu
tilaw-tilawvar.tiyaw-tiyawnThe early stage of hatched eggs of mosquitoes, (mosquito) wigglers.In tilaw-tilaw anak hilam tagnaꞌ piyusaꞌ.Wigglers are newly-hatched eggs of mosquitoes.Mataud tilaw-tilaw naghuhulaꞌ ha lanaw-lanaw.There are many wigglers living in stagnant shallow water.SYN.latik-latik
tilawasan(from *lawas + -an₁)nA segment or section including one node (of bamboo, sugar cane, etc.).Itunga bang pila in tilawasan sin patung yan.Count how many nodes that bamboo has.
tiliknA kind of magical power (that inflicts physical injury on someone, esp. one’s opponent in a competitive game or contest).Kiyugdan siya tilik sabab nagtaghaꞌ sadja simakit in buktun niya.He is afflicted by magical power, for his arm became painful all of a sudden.vag -um-; pat -un.To inflict physical injury (on someone) by magical power.Tilikun niya in atu niya.He’ll magically inflict physical injury on his opponent.Nanghubag in siki niya pasal tīlik kunuꞌ sin banta niya.His feet swelled because, they say, his enemy magically inflicted physical injury on him.OV SYN.hinang 2
*tilikvag magpang-, -um-; pat -un.To give consideration (to others), have a thoughtful or sympathetic regard (for others).Diꞌ magpanilik ha kaibanan in tau ini.This man has no sympathetic regard for others.Pagtilika da in tau miskin.Give consideration to the poor.
*tiluꞌ1vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To throw (something at something with intention to hurt or to hit).Tīluꞌ nila kami sin batu.They threw stones at us.Tiluun niya kamu sin pinsil.He will throw pencils at you.2vCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To cast, hurl, throw (something).Tiluan mari in būla!Throw the ball here!Hitiluꞌ ku madtu in lummiꞌ.I’ll throw the dirt over there.Cf.laruk
*tilupvpat ma-.To be lost or disappear suddenly.In sīn biyutang ku duun ha ini magtuy natilup.The money I placed there was immediately lost.Haynduun ku ra kīkitaꞌ natilup saruun-duun ha mata ku.I just saw it and then it suddenly disappeared.Diꞌ ku sa yan hibūs kaymu bat na isab diꞌ matilup.I won’t lend that to you so it will not get lost.OV SYN.*lanyaplawaꞌ2 tigallam
*timbag1vag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To throw (something) at (something else in order to hit it).Timbaga sin batu in hāg yaun.Throw a rock at that post.nA game similar in purpose to golf.Each player has a tin can and the cans are lined up an agreed distance from the goal hole. Players stand by the hole and take turns throwing stones (pamātuꞌ) at each other’s tin cans in order to drive them as far away from the hole as possible. Then they take turns driving their cans with the same stones toward the hole. The last one to sink his stone into the hole is the loser.2nA children’s game of breaking a certain kind of seashell (bagguꞌ).
timbaknAn explosion, gunshot.Masuuk in timbak kaina.The gunshot a while ago was near.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To shoot (as with a gun).Tīmbak niya in babuy talun.He shot the wild hog.
timbak istaꞌnDynamite, particularly the explosive charge for killing fish.Miyustak in timbak istaꞌ ha sakayan.The fish dynamite exploded in the canoe.Cf.lagtang 2tubli
timbang1.1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To weigh (something with a scale or balance).Timbang kaw hangka-kilu sukal.Weigh a kilo of sugar.Timbangun ta na in lahing.Let’s weigh the copra.Cf.tupungntimbanganA scale, balance (for weighing).Kitaa ha timbangan bang pila in buggat mu.Look on the scales to see your weight.1.2npagtimbangA ceremonial weighing of a newborn child.The child is laid on a cloth suspended from one end of a pole balancing a bag of rice and other gifts suspended from the other end of the pole. A young chicken is perched on the pole, while the priest (imam) recites or chants Arabic religious phrases. This usu. follows the hair-cutting ceremony (paggunting).Kuꞌnu in pagtimbang ha anak mu?When will be the ceremonial weighing of your child?Cf.pagguntinggunting 22vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To consider (something in order to make a choice), weigh (something, fig. sense).Timbanga in bayaꞌ mu magad iban sin usaha ta dī.Weigh your desire to go with them against our business here.3vpat -un; ran -an.To make (one’s love, treatment, etc. of people) equal; be equaled.Subay mu timbangun in lasa mu ha inaꞌ mu iban amaꞌ mu.You should make your love for your father and mother equal.OV SYN.sibuꞌ
timbayChiefly gimb.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To pass by, stop by (for a while).Timbay naa kaw mari pa kāmuꞌ.Come and stop by at our place.OV SYN.hapit1pintasCf.labay
timbuladjFor the benefit of, for the personal advantage of.In sukay sin katān lupaꞌ ku bukun na harap kakuꞌ sagawaꞌ timbul na pa anak ku nagꞌiiskul ha Manilaꞌ.The rents from all my land are no longer mine but for the benefit of my son studying in Manila.vag magpa-; pat pa-…-un.To save, rescue (something), use (something) for one’s personal benefit, take care of or provide for (someone).In maas usug nagpatimbul sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ iyaanud.The old man saved the child who had drifted away.In pagdayaw bāy biyubugit na piyatimbul niya.He saved the parts of the house that were thrown away.Subay in maas magpatimbul sin manga anak nila.Parents should provide for their children.Cf.paruli
*timpavag mag-, -um-; pat pag-…-un, hi-.(In a group of workers, for one or more) to try to get another or the others to do the work, (for some who see others not working) to stop working themselves; try to pass work off on someone else.Ayaw kamu magtimpa bat kita diꞌ lugayan maghinang.Don’t try to pass the work off on each other so we won’t take a long time.Bang kamu yan magtimpa sadja taasan sa kitaniyu yan suga.If you just pass the work off on each other nothing will be done till noontime.Bang daakun hitimpa niya pa kaibanan.If told to do an errand he passes it off on others.
timpangadjIrregular in size or form, deformed, crooked, unequally proportioned.Timpang in bayhuꞌ niya.His face is deformed.Timpang in paggunting sin buhuk mu.The cutting of your hair was crooked.Timpang in pagtapis mu.The wrapping of your sarong is unequally proportioned (i.e., not the same length all around).vST pat ma-.To be or become deformed, misproportioned, or (of objects) uneven (in size or form).Sukura naa katān in habaꞌ sin digpiꞌ bat diꞌ magtimpang.Measure first the length of all the boards so (the shape) won’t become uneven.OV SYN.kibiꞌ 1bingkuk 1
timplanA mixture or blend (of food or beverages).Marayaw in timpla sin kahawa.The coffee mixture is good.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To mix (ingredients as in preparing food or drinks).Diꞌ aku maingat magtimpla sin addun panyam.I don’t know how to mix the dough for fried rice cakes.OV SYN.lamugay 1
timpranuadvEarly.Subay kitaniyu timpranu manaw.We should set off early.OV SYN.subu-subusubu1 2
timpu1.1nA climatic season, season (of the occurrence of something which occurs at intervals).Ayaw kamu magtulak bang timpu mahangin.Don’t sail if it is the windy season.Mataud tiyanum in kumangiꞌ bang timpu panuga.Many plants will get destroyed during dry season.vipat mag-.(For something to occur) at certain times, intervals, or seasons.Magtimpu in pagluhay sin istaꞌ.Fish becomes cheaper at certain times.vtpat -un.(To do something) at a certain time or season, time (something).Bang kaw mabayaꞌ kumaun dūyan subay mu timpuhun in pagkadtu mu pa Sūg ha musim sin dūyan.If you want to eat durian you should time your going to Jolo at the durian season.OV SYN.musimwaktu1.2nA period (of time).Timpu Jipun siya piyagꞌanak.He was born during the Japanese period.Bukun malingug in daira ha timpu niya naggubnul.The city was not chaotic during his time as governor.OV SYN.masa2nThe length of time one stays in prison.Pila tahun in timpu mu?How many years will be your length of time in jail?vag mag-; goal -an.To sentence (someone) to prison (for a specific period of time).Tīmpuhan siya hangka-tahun ha lawm jīl.He was sentenced to prison for one year.OV SYN.lugay
timud1adjWell cleaned.In bagunbun ha lantay timud na.The dirt on the floor was well cleaned.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To clean or wash (something) thoroughly.Piyatimud niya in lummiꞌ ha lantay.He thoroughly cleaned the dirt on the floor.In tau yan magtimud sin bagunbun ha lantay.That man will wash the dirt off the floor thoroughly.SYN.*lanuꞌ2vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To scrape a plate or bowl (after all the food is already eaten).Ayaw na mayan kaw magtimud sin way na.Don’t try to scrape the plate when there is no more.vipat ma-.To be cleaned out of (something).Diyaug aku ha pagpanayaman kahapun, natimud sampay pisita ha lawm bulsa ku.I lost in gambling yesterday, even the change was cleaned out of my pocket.