Tausug - English


timulvar.timurnThe name of a wind that blows from the northeast.Subay na hangin timul ampa kitaniyu maglayag.We should wait for the northeast wind before sailing.hangin
timunnWatermelon.Masarap bang matubig in timun.Watermelon is delicious if it’s juicy.5: Plants
timun-timunnA pulley.Timun-timun in iyusal nila pagpababaꞌ sin sapiꞌ dayn ha kappal.They used a pulley in lowering the cow from the boat.
timusgimb.tiꞌmusadj(Of household chores and other manual work) finished, completed, done.Timus na in pagmumus namuꞌ.Our packing is finished.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To finish, complete (something).Timusa naa in hinang mu ampa kaw makauwiꞌ.Finish your work first then you can go home.OV SYN.ubustalus2tangbus
tinaꞌnA dye used for human hair.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To dye (the hair).Nagtinaꞌ sin buhuk niya in maas iyuuban.The gray-haired woman dyed her hair.Cf.anjibitallang
tinainThe inner organs (of man or animals), intestines, viscera, guts, entrails.Subay īgan in tinai bang kapulun in patay.If you embalm a corpse, its entrails must be removed.OV SYN.lungun-lungun
tinapay(from -in- [present-day -iy-] + tapay)n(Baked) bread, any baked good (like buns or rolls).Fried bread is considered bangbang.In tinapay paghinangun sin Lannang.Bread is made by the Chinese.Siyumu aku nagkaun tinapay adlaw-adlaw.I’m sick of eating bread every day.
tindanA store.Bī kaw madtu bagid pa tinda.Go buy matches at the store.vag mag-.To open up a store.Magtinda aku ha daig paradahan jīp.I’ll open up a store beside the jeep stop.vpat -un.To make (something or a place) into a store.Tindahun ta in bakas buriga.Let’s make the former bodega into a store.Tinda Laud (pronounced Lawd)comp.vThe Chinese pier section of Jolo town.
*tindanvag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To cooperate (in work), to agree (in speech or thinking).Bang awn hinangun hikarayaw sin katān subay magtindan.If there is a plan for the benefit of everybody they should cooperate.In hinang hikarayaw sin hulaꞌ subay pagtindanan.The work for the betterment of the country must be cooperatively done.OV SYN.taayun
tindawnThe first menstruation of a girl, female puberty.Hangpuꞌ tahun in umul niya pagguwaꞌ sin tindaw niya.She was ten years old when she had her first menstruation.vpat -un.For the first menstruation to occur.In saraꞌ sin babai magbana subay patindawun naa.The law about a woman’s marrying is that (her parents) must wait for her first menstruation first.OV SYN.sangputCf.duguꞌ 1.1
tindug1.1vact/ag mag-, -um-.To be or remain in an upright position (supported on the feet, on its base, bottom, pedestal, etc.), stand (from a sitting, lying or crouching position), volunteer (to be a witness saksiꞌ).Tindug kaw.Stand up.Patinduga yan ha taas lamisahan.Stand that on top of the table.Makatindug bahibu in isturi yan.That story makes one’s hair stand on end.ntinduganThe place where (something) is standing.Cf.bangun1 vag magpa-; pat pa-…-un.To erect or construct (a building, etc.).Dī sila magpatindug bāy.They’ll construct a house here.OV SYN.hinang 1.11.2nA follower, supporter, servant.Siyaggaw sin manga sundalu in manga tindug sin mayul.The soldiers arrested the followers of the mayor.OV SYN.batāanpagkatautau 32vag magpa-; pat pa-…-un.To establish, institute or set up (something).Subay magpatindug parinta baꞌgu in Pilipinas.The Philippines should set up a new form of government.Hisiyu in nagpatindug sin agama Islam?Who instituted the Islamic religion?OV SYN.awn3vag mag-; ran -an.To maintain, defend, support (one’s opinion, viewpoint, adherence, etc.).Tindugi in pamung mu.Defend what you say.OV SYN.bawgbug
*tindukvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For fish) to snap at (bait).Tīnduk sin istaꞌ in umpan.The fish snapped at the bait.
tintaTag.nInk (of a pen).Diꞌ sumulat in pin mu bang way tinta niya.Your pen won’t write if there’s no ink.SYN.dawat
tinuꞌvtCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To dissolve, melt (something, usu. salt or sugar).Tinua naa muna in sukal ampa mu hilamud pa addun.Dissolve the sugar first, then add it to the batter.viST pat ma-.(For something) to dissolve, melt.Ayaw paulani in asin matinuꞌ sa yan.Don’t let it rain on the salt or it will melt.Cf.hansul 1tunaw
tinuanan(from tinuꞌ + -an₁ + -an₁)nA sauce (made of broth, soy sauce, or vinegar to which any combination of spices, peppers, lemon juice, garlic, onions, baling, green mangoes, ketchup, or tomatoes is added).Made on a small side plate and one’s fish, poultry, or meat is dipped in it.Malara in tinuanan hīnang niya ha mampallam.The sauce he made for the mango is spicy hot.vag mag-.To dip viand in such a sauce (and eat it).Magtinuanan aku sukaꞌ iban tawyu.I’ll dip my viand in vinegar and soy sauce.
tinganA thin deposit of food left on teeth.Īgi sin tutpik in tinga ha ipun mu.Remove the food deposit from your teeth with a toothpick.vran ka-…-an.To have or get thin deposits of food on one’s teeth.Ayaw na kaw kumaun sapiꞌ bat kaw diꞌ katingahan.Don’t eat beef so that you won’t get thin deposits of food on your teeth.
tinga tipay1nThe meat of tipay (the oyster that produces pearls).2nAn indigenous confection made by steaming pounded rice, (so called from its resemblence to oyster meat).Mataud diyaragang tinga tipay ha tinda hi Babuꞌ Salma.A lot of the pounded rice confection is sold in the store of Aunt Salma.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
tingalnSomething used to elevate an object slightly from the ground or something on which it is resting, support.Subay diꞌ īgan in tingal sin makina supaya diꞌ dumagpak pa lupaꞌ.The support must not be removed from under the engine so it doesn’t hit the ground.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To elevate (an object) slightly.Subay tingalan in lamisahan.The table should be elevated slightly.SYN.kalsu
tinggaꞌn(Metallic) lead.Tinggaꞌ in hipagpatliꞌ ta sin buslut sin baldi.We will use lead to patch the hole in the bucket.
tinggal11nRemainder.Tinggal kayꞌman pilak in gadji niya.(There’s) fifty pesos remainder from his salary.vtpat -un.To leave (a part of something after taking away the majority of it).Tinggali aku hangka-suꞌgub buwahan.Leave me a basket of lanzones.vipat ma-.(For a remainder) to be left.In utang ku kayꞌman pilak biyayaran ku siya kawhaan pilak in natinggal katluan pilak.My debt was fifty pesos, I paid her twenty pesos, thirty pesos is left.OV SYN.kapin2vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To miss (a part of an activity that should be done repeatedly for a specific period of time, as in prayer and fasting).Kiyatinggalan ku lima adlaw in puasa ku.I missed five days of fasting.Cf.kalaꞌ
tinggal2vgoal -an.To refrain, restrain from doing (something, esp. something forbidden).Subay mu tinggalan in katān liyāngan sin Tuhan.You should refrain from doing all that God has forbidden.Cf.hawidtangkaꞌ
tinggil1vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To step up on (something in order to reach something else, as on a stone for mounting a horse).Tinggil kaw ha bangkuꞌ bat mu abutan in būk ha taas paradul.Step up on the bench so you can reach the book on top of the closet.ntinggilanAnything one steps on (in order to reach something else).Subay awn tinggilan mu ampa mu abutan.You need something to step on in order to reach it.
tinggil2nThe amount still owed after a partial settlement, whatever is left over, remainder, balance.Awn pa tinggil mu kayꞌman pilak.You still have a balance of fifty pesos.vran -an.To have an amount still owed after partial payment, leave a balance.Tinggilan mu na isab in utang mu?You’ll leave again a balance on your debt?Cf.kapin
tinghamnA notch (in wood or a tree), mortise.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To cut a notch or mortise (in wood or a tree).Subay tinghaman in batang sin niyug supaya maluhay dāgun.Someone should cut notches in the trunk of the coconut tree so that it will be easy to climb.utud
tingkavpat mag-.To be unequal, uneven.Nagtingka in pagbutang nila sin hāg ha kusina.Their placing of the posts below the kitchen was uneven (i.e., they were not the same height).OV SYN.timpang