Tausug - English


tingkalnSilky thread (for weaving).Kulang in tingkal ta hipaghablun.We’re lacking silky thread for weaving.Cf.salbantanudbannang
tingkapn(A farmer’s improvised) portable shelter (against the sun, usu. made of light materials, like nipa and bamboo).Dāha in tingkap bang kaw magsuwat pa uma.Take your portable shelter with you when you weed your fields.Cf.bāy-bāybāypanggung
tingkiꞌadv(To walk, dance, etc.) on tiptoe.Amuna in kaamulahi niya magpanaw tingkiꞌ.It is her nature to walk on tiptoe.vaux mag-, -um-.(To walk, dance, etc.) on tiptoe.Awn paliꞌ sin siki niya hangkan da siya nagtingkiꞌ miyanaw.There is a cut on his feet that is why he walks on tiptoe.Cf.ingkiꞌ
tingkug1vact mag-, -um-; ran ka-…-an.(For an object) to bounce.Magtingkug in būla bang hitiluꞌ pa lantay.The ball bounces when thrown to the floor.Kiyahulugan siya sin dūyan timingkug dayn ha sanga dakulaꞌ.A durian that bounced off the big branch fell on him.
tingkug2var. oftangkugvTo touch (something).
*tingkuwangvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To parade a bride and groom around the area (after the marriage ceremony).Subay awn tabungguꞌ bang magtingkuwang.There should be a percussive instrument ensemble when we parade a bride and groom around the area.npagtingkuwangThe parading of a newly married couple around the area.The groom’s party parade the couple in a decorated vehicle or chair. Musicians playing music walk or ride in front of the couple. Their destination is the groom’s house, where a celebration has also been going on, so that the guests there can see the couple. After a short time at the groom’s house the procession continues on to the bride’s house again.Gana-gana in pagtingkuwang ha manga baꞌgu tiyaun.The parading of the newlyweds around the area will be later today.
tingtingvag mag-; pat -un.(For a bell) to ring, ring (a bell).Lisag pila magtingting in iskul?What time does the school bell ring?
*tingtingadjmatingting(Usu. of cloth or clothing) narrow.Matingting in kakanaꞌ ini hangkan diꞌ makaabut sukurun pantalun.This cloth is narrow, that’s why it can’t be made into pants.ANT.mahabughabug
tingugnA human voice.Maluuy in tingug niya.Her voice is melodious.vact mag-, -um-.To sound like (someone’s voice).Bang in usug ini kumalang mataas magtingug siya biyaꞌ babai.When this man sings at a high pitch he sounds like a woman.Cf.katingugkatingugderv.nA sound.
tipapaluvar. oftitipalunA small worm with a luminous body.
tipāravar. oftupāranDiving goggles.
tiparatvar. of*kiparatv(For family members or families) to forgive (one another) and forget (misunderstanding and grievances by both offended parties).
tipasvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran ka-…-an.To catch (something) unawares.Supaya masaggaw in manuk subay ta tipasun nagkakaun.In order to catch a chicken we should catch it unawares while it’s eating.Kiyatipasan niya mayan in banta niya magtuy niya biyunuꞌ.When he caught his foe unawares he immediately killed him.OV SYN.tipu
tipaynA thin large bivalve pearly oyster.Malagguꞌ in mussaꞌ nakawaꞌ ha tipay.The pearl taken from the oyster is huge.3: Seashells, Seaweeds, etc.
*tiplukvpat ma-, magka-.(For something such as ripe fruit, flowers, or the handle of something) to fall off (by itself); be separated.Magkatipluk in mampallam dayn ha tangkay niya bang hinug na tuud.A mango will fall off from its stem when it’s fully ripe.Cf.ipuk
tipunDeceit, fraud, treachery.Walaꞌ ku kiyaingatan in tipu sin bagay ku kākuꞌ.I didn’t know the treachery done by my friend against me.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To deceive (someone), accomplish (something) through fraud or treachery.Tipuhun sa kaw yan sin banta mu.You’ll be deceived by your enemy.adjpanipuDeceiving, deceptive; fraudulent; insidious, treacherous.In sakit kansir panipu.Cancer is an insidious disease.Kamayaꞌ kaw ha tau yan, panipu.Beware of that fellow. He’s treacherous.
tipunvar.pūn2vAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To gather together or assemble, gather (things or people) together, save (money).Tipun kaw sīn para ha susūngun.Save money for the future.Tipuna in lummiꞌ dī ha dugu.Gather the trash in this corner.Tipuna in katān kampung ta.Gather all our relatives together.npagtipun-tipunA gathering together (of people).Awn pagtipun-tipun adlaw ini sin manga jamaa ha masjid.There’s a gathering of the congregation today in the mosque.
tirigunFlour.Ayaka in tirigu. Hinangun ta apam.Sift the flour. We’ll make pancakes out of it.Cf.tapung
*tirisvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To kill lice with the fingernails, press prickly heat with the fingernails.Tirisa in bunga hulas ha taykud ku.Squeeze the prickly heat on my back with your fingernails.
tirungnA covering for the head (to protect from the heat of the sun or from rain).Mabasaꞌ da kaw sin ulan bang kātas in tirung mu.You’ll get wet anyway by the rain if you use paper for a covering for your head.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To cover the head.Tirungi in bataꞌ bat diꞌ kaaluan.Cover the child’s head so the dew won’t get on him.OV SYN.turung*tampan 1taming
tisaꞌnBricks (made of clay).Tisaꞌ in kutaꞌ hīnang sin Kastilaꞌ ha Lupaꞌ Sūg.The forts built by the Spanish on Jolo are made of brick.
*tistisadj(Of a person) characterized by gradually becoming thinner and thinner (as in consumption, TB, or anemia).vpat ma-, magka-.(For a person) to get thinner and thinner (with sickness), (for an object) to gradually diminish or become less (in amount, usu. of something in a container).Natistis in tubig ha baril īnum sin hayup.The water in the barrel has gradually diminished because it has been drunk by the animals.In baran hi Abdul magkatistis.Abdul is getting thinner.Cf.tiꞌlis
titanA speech, decree or declaration (of a sultan).Subay ta kahagarun in tita sin sultan.We should obey the king’s decree.vag mag-; goal -an.(For a sultan) to speak, utter, decree, declare (something).Nagtita in sultan ha manga hamba raayat niya.The king spoke to his humble subjects.OV SYN.uldinCf.laung1 pamungagi 1parman
titibadj(Of a slope) steep.Titib in dagat ha Pangutaran.The ocean floor off Pangutaran is steep.nSteepness, steep slope (of the ocean floor), vertical slope of the hole dug for a grave (with liyang).Landuꞌ in titib sin būd Mayun ini.The steepness of Mount Mayon is too much.ANT.patagCf.hunasanhunas 1
titik1nDot (esp. the dots over and under certain letters in Arabic writing), diacritical markings on certain (Arabic) consonants.Diꞌ aku makabassa sulat Sūg bang way titik.I cannot read Arabic script if there are no diacritical consonantal markings.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To write such dots.Cf.baris