Tausug - English


tabidadjTwisted, not straight, out of shape.Tabid in pagtapis mu sin tadjung.Your folding of your tubular skirt is not straight.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To twist or wring (something).Tabirun ku in taynga mu bang kaw diꞌ humundung magtangis.I’ll twist your ears if you don’t stop crying.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To wring the water out of (something).Tabiri naa in manga badjuꞌ ampa mu pahayanga.Wring out the water from the clothes before you hang them.
tabid-tabidnA kind of indigenous confection made of flour or pounded cassava.Roll the dough to form a rope and fry in a frying pan. Fry a second time with melted sugar until it turns red.vag mag-.To make this kind of confection.Bī kaw tirigu magtabid-tabid kita.Buy flour (and) we’ll make rope-shaped confection.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
tabilnRareA curtain or frill (on a canopy bed frame).Butangi tabil in taas sin kantil mu.Put a frill around the top of your bed.Cf.kurtina
tabiyaꞌnAn apology (in order to exclude someone from being the object of one’s angry words).Ini tabiyaꞌ ha kamu dimurungug, awn tau naghihinang ha parinta diꞌ kapangandulan.Apologies to you who are listening, but there are government employees who cannot be trusted.vag mag-; pat -un.To excuse oneself, ask pardon (from people not involved so as to exclude them from being the object of one’s angry words).Subay kita magtabiyaꞌ bang kita lumabay ha alupan sin tau maas.We should excuse ourselves when we pass in front of old people.Bang kaw mamūng-mūng ha taymanghud mu subay mu tabiyaun in tau way lamud.When you scold your sibling, you should ask pardon from those who are not involved.
tablaTag.adjEven, equal, tied (as in a game or contest).Tabla sila ha pagkuntis magkalang.They are tied in the singing contest.vact maka-.To break even, declare a tie.Nakatabla aku. Walaꞌ da isab aku nalugiꞌ.I broke even. I didn’t really lose.Cf.sibuꞌ
tabuꞌnA market.Mataud bungang-kahuy ha tabuꞌ.There is plenty of fruit in the market.vag mag-, -um-, mang-.To buy (something) at the market, shop for (foodstuffs) at the market.Tabuan ta kaw.I’ll shop for you at the market.Tabuꞌ kaw madtu istaꞌ.Buy us some fish at the market.Manabuꞌ aku istaꞌ iban sayul.I’ll shop for fish and vegetables at the market.npanabuanA place where a market is situated.Haunu in panabuan sin manga tau?Where is the place where the people market?OV SYN.parian
*tabukvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To take (something offered or given), accept, receive (something).Natabuk mu na in sulat ku?Have you received my letter?Tabuka in sarakka ku kaymu.Accept my alms for you.SYN.taymaꞌCf.*sambut
tabulnThe core of the coconut fruit.A spherical white substance inside a coconut, eaten raw.Kabākan mu in tabul ha lawm lahing.You’ll be able to find the coconut core inside a coconut.Cf.buwaꞌ
tābullanA kind of small squid (used as food).2: Fish and Swimming Marine Creatures
tabunnA large type of quail (a little smaller than a chicken, which lays eggs in sandy holes it digs).In iklug sin tabun biyaꞌ lagguꞌ duwa iklug manuk.The size of the large quail’s egg is twice as big as the egg of a hen.Cf.itaw1: Birds and Flying Insects
*tabunvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To cover (something), conceal (a fault, blunder, crime, etc.).Tabuni in basu mu sin kātas.Cover your glass with the paper.Kiyatabunan na in dān sin karahun-dahunan.The road is covered with leaves.Tabunan niya tuud in ngiꞌ sin anak niya.She tries to conceal the fault of her child.Cf.*libun
tabunannA place near the shore where sand and coral are mixed.Hangkan sa in niyug diꞌ magbunga bat ha tabunan.These coconut trees won’t bear fruit because they are planted in a place where sand and coral are mixed.
tabungguꞌvar.tagungguꞌnThe playing and sound of gongs and traditional drums played together.Mabayaꞌ in Milikan ini dumungug tabungguꞌ.This American wants to hear the playing of the gong and drum.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To play traditional percussive instruments together.Magtabungguꞌ ha pagtiyaunan.They’ll play gongs and drums at the wedding celebration.ntabungguanA band (consisting of gongs, kulintangan, and alak₂).
tādanvar. oftārannA source of income.
tadarasnA ceremony (held on the 15th day of Ramadan).
taddaꞌvar.tāꞌtāꞌnAn introductory melody (played on a bamboo xylophone).Makalisuꞌ magdungug bang mahabaꞌ in taddaꞌ.It becomes boring to hear if the introductory melody is long.vag mag-, -um-; goal/ben -an.To play an introductory melody (on a bamboo xylophone).Bang magtaddaꞌ diꞌ pa kumalang in maggagabbang.During the playing of the introduction the ones playing the bamboo xylophone don’t sing yet.
taddasnThe keel of a boat.Baꞌgu in taddas ini saꞌ nagkangiꞌ na.The keel of this boat is new but it is already broken.
tadiknThe poles running across outriggers to hold them in place.
tadjakivag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To interrogate, examine, question (something) in detail.Subay tadjakihun sin abugaw in parakalaꞌ ini.The attorney must examine this case in detail.Tadjakihun kaw sin mungkalun bang kaw matay na.When you die the questioner of the dead will interrogate you in detail.Cf.asubu*usihatsumariyaungsit
tadjungnA (general purpose) sarong or circular skirt (worn by either men or women, overlapping in the front, made of hand-woven cloth).Diꞌ siya maingat magtapis tadjung.He doesn’t know how to fold and fasten his sarong.vag mag-; pat -un.To wear such a skirt, make (material) into this kind of skirt.Tadjungun ku in pula ini.I’ll wear this red sarong.Cf.habul
*tadtad1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To split (something into many pieces) but keep it in one piece, cut (something) partially through many times (so that it remains one piece; often bamboo, meat, or a person’s flesh).Tadtarun ku in patung ini hipagdingding bāy.I’ll split this bamboo but keep it in one piece to use for walling a house.Tadtarun ta sa kān sin barung ini.I’ll cut you many times with this single-bladed weapon.Cf.tamaꞌutudntiyadtadBamboo split in this manner.Cf.sawaliꞌ2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To riddle (something with bullets).Natadtad sin pungluꞌ in baran niya.His body was riddled with bullets.Cf.tatal
tadulnA small bee.Minsan tadul, mabisa ra isab kumutkut.Even a small bee is also painful when it stings.
tag-1relpfxAnd (used in counting).Hikahangpuꞌ taglima in ngān mu.Your name is fifteenth (tenth and fifth).2prefixpfxThe owner (of something).Hi Abdul in tagbāy sin hantian ta.Abdul is the owner of the house where we are staying.In taglupaꞌ sin uma ini hi Jahandal.The landowner of this farm is Jahandal.
tāg1seetawagvTo call (someone).
tāg3nA bracelet.