Tausug - English


tubig kaliꞌnWater from a dug pit.Cf.kuppung
tubig lunggangnWater from an artesian well.Cf.kuppung
tublakvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To dip or dunk (something into something else, as cookies in coffee or green mangoes in soy sauce).Tiyublak niya in bangbang pa kahawa.She dunked the cookies into the coffee.Cf.*duis
tublinA poisonous vine (the sap of which is used to poison fish).Makapatay istaꞌ in tubli bang in taguk niya makapamata sin istaꞌ.The poisonous vine will kill fish when its sap gets into their eyes.Derris elliptica5: Plantsvag mang-; pat -un.To poison fish with this vine.Subay tublihun in indung ha lawm batu.We should poison the eels among the stones with the poisonous vine.
tubtub1nLast (as of price), range or extent of action, extent or end (of something).Pila in tubtub sin halgaꞌ niya yan?What’s the end of its price? (i.e., what’s its last price?).advAs far as, until.Tubtub Indanan in naabut namuꞌ.We’ve reached as far as Indanan.Tubtub hain in nabassa mu?Until what part have you read?vpat -um-; ran -an.To set the last price, (for something) to reach its extent or end.Bang kaw diꞌ magad kākuꞌ, na, tumubtub na dī in pagbagay ta.If you won’t come with me, then our friendship will then end here.Cf.hinapusanjangkaan*jangkaꞌ2vpat -um-.To be full of (a negative quality, usu. derogatory).Timubtub na duun kaymu in katān karupangan.You have all the foolishness to the full.Patubtuba in pamikil mu sin pasal yan.Think of that matter thoroughly.
tubunSugarcane.For varieties see Appendix 5.Malimuꞌ in tubu ha Bilaan.The sugarcane is sweet in Bilaan.
tūbunA water pipe.Awn buslut sin tūbu yan.There’s a leak in the water pipe.
tubuꞌ1nA sprout (of a plant seed or flower).vAR act mag-, -um-; ran -an.(For plants and diseases) to begin to grow, sprout.Hangkarayꞌ da timubuꞌ in sumping tiyanum niya.The flower he planted sprouted right away.Diꞌ tubuan manggis in lupaꞌ ini.Mangosteen won’t sprout in this soil.Tiyubuan siya ugud lugay ha pugay.He developed long-lasting dermatitis on his neck.Patubuun ku in bigi kapaya ini ha halaman bāy namuꞌ.I’ll sprout these papaya seeds in our yard.OV SYN.*uplutsahaꞌ2nOffspring.Miyatay sadja in tau yaun wayruun tubuꞌ niya.That man died with no offspring.npanubuꞌDescendant, lineage.In katān mānusiyaꞌ panubuꞌ hi Apuꞌ Adam.All mankind are the descendants of grandfather Adam.
*tubudvact mag-, -um-.The source is not focused.To flow, flow out, gush (from a source).Magtubud in laway ku pagkitaꞌ ku sin mampallam hilaw.My saliva flows out when I see unripe mangoes.In tubig yaun tubud harap pa sātan.The water flows to the south.Subay patuburun in tubig pa kabāyan.The water should be made to flow to the houses.ntuburanA spring, fountain.In tuburan amu in didtu ha Buntud landuꞌ tuud marayaw.The spring in Buntud is very good.Cf.*anud
tubulnConstipation.vST pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To be constipated.Tubulun kaw bang kaw kumaun biyabas.You’ll be constipated if you eat guava.adjmakatubulConstipating.Makatubul in bigi biyabas.Guava seeds are constipating.
tubusadjComplete in all respects, without any defect, perfect, flawless.Wayruun mānusiyaꞌ tubus dī ha babaw dunya ini, amu ra in Allahu Taala yadtu ha sulgaꞌ in tubus.There is no perfect person here on earth. Only God in heaven is perfect.Tubus in lingkat niya.Her beauty is perfect.Tubus in lingkat sin pagpinta niya sin pattaꞌ mu.The beauty of his painting of your picture is perfect.
*tūdvCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To push or shove (something).Hitūd ta in jīp bat mabuhiꞌ.Let’s push the jeep so its engine will start.Tiyūd niya in bataꞌ hangkan da nahulug.He pushed the child. That’s why she fell.Cf.*tulak 1nrdp.A bolt-action rifle (see tūd-tūd).
tūd-tūdnA bolt-action rifle (i.e., a Remington, Springfield or Winchester rifle).Bīhi pungluꞌ in tūd-tūd mu.Buy bullets for your bolt-action rifle.Cf.huru-huru 1
tudju1vTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.Often unaffixed and no noun phrase is in focus.To go or head directly toward (a place), go and see (someone) directly, hit directly or accurately (something aimed at).Tudju mu yan pakain?Where are you headed/off to?Tudju pakain in lupad sin ariplanu?In which direction is the plane headed?Walaꞌ nakatudju in pagtiluꞌ mu.You didn’t hit it directly.Mayul in tudjuha bang pasal sin parakalaꞌ yan.Concerning that case, go and see the mayor directly.ntudjuhanThe place where one is going or heading.Diꞌ ku kaingatan bang pakain in tudjuhan ku.I don’t know where the place I’m heading to is (i.e., I don’t know where I’m going).OV SYN.harap 1sūng 1.12vag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran -an.To do something correctly or properly.Diꞌ tumudju in pamikil ku bang mu aku līlingug sadja.I can’t think correctly if you keep on pestering me.adj./advmatudjuRight(ly), accurate(ly).Matudju manimbak in tau ini.This man shoots accurately.OV SYN.kugdan 23vag magpa-; pat -um-.(For wares) to sell well, (for a business) to be profitable.Timudju in pagdagang nila tahay.Their business of selling dried fish is profitable.adj(Of a business) profitable; (of wares) profitably saleable.Matudju in dagangan nila.Their wares are profitably saleable.Cf.malandag*landag
tudluꞌnForefinger, index finger.Ayaw sulugan in singsing ha tudluꞌ mu.Don’t put a ring on your forefinger.Cf.bakul2 1lāsuꞌjaymaniskingkingvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To point at or point out (something with the finger).Tudluan in sugarul kākuꞌ.Point out to me the burglar.
tūgnSleep.Bukun marayaw in tūg ku kabii.I didn’t have a good sleep last night.vag ma-. pat -un; ran ka-…-an.To be asleep, go to sleep.Diꞌ siya mabayaꞌ matūg.She doesn’t want to go to sleep.Tūg na kaw.Go to sleep.Natutūg hi Amaꞌ.Father is asleep.Diꞌ aku tūgun salugay nila diꞌ dumatung.I can’t go to sleep as long as they haven’t arrived.Diꞌ katūgan in bāy ini.One can’t sleep in this house.ntūganA place to sleep.OV SYN.balaruꞌhaluklipat3Cf.*puaw
tugaanadj(Of a woman) flirtatious.Mangiꞌ magꞌagad magpanaw ha babai tugaan.It is not good to go with a flirtatious woman.In babai tugaan, bataꞌ pa makabana na.A flirtatious woman usually gets married at an early age.OV SYN.mabais/baisanbais
tugas1nHardness (of stone, steel, and the like); rigidity, firmness.In tugas sin tinapay ini biyaꞌ batu.The hardness of this bread is like rock.viST pat -um-.To become hard, rigid, firm.adjmatugasHard, rigid, firm, unyielding.Matugas in kahuy ini mahunit tuisun.This wood is hard, it’s hard to chop.2nRigidity, unyieldingness (of people).vST pat -um-.To become rigid or unyielding.Way mahinang ta bang siya tumugas.We can’t do anything if he won’t yield (to our wishes).vtag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To resist, to become hardened against something.Tiyugasan niya in kabayaan sin inaꞌ niya.He resisted his mother’s wishes.adjmatugasRigid, unyielding, (with ū) stubborn.Hangkan da liyubakan sabab matugas in ū niya.The reason he was spanked was that he is stubborn.
tugdaꞌ1nA reply to a question, answer.In tugdaꞌ sin pangasubu niya amu.The answer to his question was correct.vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; goal -an.To answer (a question or a letter).Magtugdaꞌ naa aku sin sulat sin asawa ku.I’ll answer first the letter of my wife.Unu in hitugdaꞌ mu ha pangasubu sin manga tau?What are you going to answer to the question of the people?Tugdaan ku hambuuk-hambuuk in pangasubu nila.I’ll answer their questions one by one.OV SYN.sambung1 sambagjawab
tugdaꞌ2vact mag-, -um-.To be appropriate to (as an answer to the question, music to the words of a song, or one’s dress to the occasion), fit with (in timing, in color, in subject, etc.).Bang magtabungguꞌ, subay magtugdaꞌ in lisag sin alak iban lisag sin agung.When gongs and drums are played together, the beating of the drums should fit with the striking of the gongs.OV SYN.amu1 kugdan 2tūp
*tugilaꞌ1vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To tell exactly (what happened), name (people) one by one, point out or describe (something) plainly.Diꞌ ku na hikatugilaꞌ in bakas liyabayan.I can’t tell exactly what happened in the past.Hikatugilaꞌ mu in manga tau bakas simūd pa bāy mu?Could you name one by one the people who entered your house?Hikatugilaꞌ mu kākuꞌ in dagbus sin tau kītaꞌ mu?Could you describe to me plainly the appearance of the man you saw?Cf.baytaꞌsuysuyisturi2vpat hika-.With negative diꞌ.To express or describe (something in words).Diꞌ hikatugilaꞌ in kasannyangan ha lawm sulgaꞌ.One can’t describe the peace and comfort in heaven (i.e., it’s inexpressible, too overwhelming to be described in words).
tugnaꞌvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cook a staple food (as rice or cassava).Tugnaꞌ kaw bugas.Cook the rice.Tugnaun ku in bugas.I’ll cook the rice.Cf.aman 1GENR.lutuꞌ 1ntugnaan/pagtugnaanA stove, kitchen; cooking pot.
tugnusvar.tagnusvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To uproot (something), remove or pull out (something embedded in something else).Kari kamu magtugnus kitaniyu sin sagbut ha halaman.Come, let’s uproot the grasses in the yard.Matugnus ku in sagbut baꞌgu timubuꞌ.I can uproot the grass newly growing.Tugnusa in pūhan sin utak.Remove the handle from the bolo.OV SYN.bugnushublut
*tugpaꞌvag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran -an.To jump down.Tugpaꞌ kaw dayn ha tarak.Jump down from the truck.Tugpaun ku in bataꞌ-bataꞌ nahulug pa dagat bat diꞌ malumus.I’ll jump to the child who fell into the sea so she doesn’t drown.Tugpaan ta kaw.I’ll jump down on you.OV SYN.laksuCf.lungtud
tugsuk1nA fork (as in eating), (hair)pin, any pointed instrument.Nalawaꞌ in tugsuk sin buhuk ku.The pin for my hair is lost.Cf.sipit 1vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To stick, prick (something with a fork or pointed instrument).Tugsuka siya sin jawm.Prick him with a needle.Cf.lagsak*tasak 1dugsuꞌ2vpat -un.To accuse (someone) of a fault or misconduct without proof or evidence (so as to find the truth).Tugsuka in tau yan bat makabaytaꞌ sin bunnal.Accuse that fellow so he’ll tell the truth.Cf.tukud*tunaꞌ