Tausug - English


tagꞌīpun(from taga + īpun)1nA slave owner, master.Tuhan in tagꞌīpun ha manga tau katān.God is the master of all people.2vag mag-.To serve as a slave.Subay kaw magtagꞌīpun ha sultan.You should serve as a slave of the king.
tagarelHaving, with.Anak niya in bataꞌ-bataꞌ taga ila.The baby with a birthmark is her child.
taga bangsaadjOf noble birth.In tau awn duguꞌ salip taga bangsa.A person with the blood of someone descended from the Prophet Muhammad is of noble birth.SYN.balbangsabangsa
taga kaput saytanadjFilled with the devil.In tau taga kaput saytan, way Tuhan niya.A person who is filled with the devil does not have God.Way jumahulakaꞌ in tau ini, marayꞌ taga kaput saytan.This person is really cruel, maybe he is filled with the devil.
taga paghulaꞌ(from hulaꞌ ₂)adjMarried.Minīg na in babai yaun dayn ha maas niya sabab taga paghulaꞌ na siya.That girl has left her parents because she is married now.
tagadvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To wait for (something).Tagad kaw hangkarayꞌ.Wait for a moment.Tagaran ku in sulat dayn kaymu.I’ll wait for a letter from you.adjtagad-tagad(With bulan) near to giving birth (spoken of a pregnant woman).Tagad-tagad bulan na in asawa niya.His wife is near to giving birth.ntagaranThat which one is waiting for, one’s expectation, hope, a source of income (also tādan, tāran).Way tagaran ha bataꞌ ini.We have no hope for this child.Minsan kaw diꞌ maghinang awn tagaran mu.Even if you don’t work you have a source of income.
tagadluknA length of wood pointed at one end for driving into the ground (as fencing, wooden stakes).Kāꞌ kamu tagadluk hipaghinang taniyu sin ād.Get some stakes for the fence.Cf.hāgusuk
tagainupnA dream (dreamed while sleeping).Kiyalupahan ku in tagainup ku kabii.I forgot my dream last night.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To dream (while sleeping).Pagpatihaꞌ kaw bat kaw diꞌ managainup mangiꞌ.Mutter the first part of the Koran so that you will not dream bad dreams.
tagamaadjPrepared, ready.Subay tagama sadja kita maghinang adlaw-adlaw.We should always be ready for work every day.nPreparation.In tagama nila kātuꞌ bungang-kahuy.Their preparation for us was fruit.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To prepare (for something); set or lay aside, save, lay by or up, reserve (something).Subay kitaniyu tumagama sin datung nila magbāk.We should prepare to meet their arrival.Asal kaw tagama kayꞌman ngaibu pilak.Just lay aside fifty thousand pesos.Tagamahi kami lingkuran.Save seats for us.Tagamahan ta kakaun in manga bisita.We’ll set aside some food for the guests.Cf.halliꞌ 2sakapsaddiya
tagambilvar.tagambirnA resinous gum (an ingredient of the betel nut chew, usu. sold in cubes about 2 cm. across).An astringent substance extracted from the leaves and twigs of a Malayan plant. Used also as medicine and in tanning and dyeing.Bang in tau magmamaꞌ subay awn tagambil.If a person chews betel nut there should be resinous gum.Cf.mamaꞌUncaria gambir
tagandakvag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To stamp the feet.Hundung na kaw magtagandak bat kaw diꞌ ku lubakan.You stop stamping your feet or else I’ll whip you.Tagandakun ku in siki ku makatū bat niya kahātihan.I’ll stamp my feet three times so he’ll understand.
tagauknThe crowing sound of a rooster.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.(For a rooster) to crow (at or for someone).Tagaran natuꞌ magtagauk in manuk ampa kitaniyu manaw.We will wait for the rooster to crow, then we will set out on our journey.Subay na siya kiyatagaukan sin manuk ampa siya nakabatiꞌ.He had to be crowed at by the rooster before he woke up.
tagbakAny of several plants whose fruit has very many seeds and tastes both sweet and sour.5: Plants
*tagbakvCH 1 ag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To pierce, stab (something) with a spear or similar object.Tagbaka in babuy talun.Spear that hog.Cf.dugsuꞌbudjak
tagdapunAn owner.Aku in tagdapu sin bāy ini.I am the owner of this house.Hawnu in tagdapu sin būk ini?Where is the owner of this book?Cf.miliktagmustahak*mustahak
tagguvar. oftaꞌguadj(Of cloth) durable, strong; (of people) strong, hardy.
taghaꞌadvAn expression of regret, impatience, or indignation.Taghaꞌ aku nakaagad kaniya.Why did I ever go with her?Taghaꞌ aku nakapautang kaniya sīn.I should never have loaned her the money.Taghaꞌ kaw limamud sin parakalaꞌ ini.Why did you ever get involved in this conflict?Taghaꞌ aku nakabī ha ini sin diꞌ ku da kagunahan.Why did I buy this when I really don’t need it?
*taghaꞌadjUnexpected, abrupt, sudden.Taghaꞌ isab in pagdatung niya walaꞌ siya nagparā sulat.His arrival was unexpected, he didn’t send a letter (first).vaux -um-, mag-.(For something to happen) suddenly or unexpectedly.Timaghaꞌ timangis in anak ku usug-usug saꞌbu natutūg.My little boy cried out suddenly while sleeping.Nagtaghaꞌ sadja siya nasakit.She suddenly became ill.OV SYN.magtuysaruun-duunsakadjap
taghuynA whistle (made by puckering the lips).Way ku diyungug in taghuy niya.I did not hear his whistle.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To whistle in such a way at (someone).Maingat kaw tumaghuy?Do you know how to whistle?Tiyaghuyan niya in babai yadtu.He whistled at that lady.Cf.pītusilbātuhuyup
taginA strong desire or liking (for something or to do something).Sarang-saranga in tagi mu magsiga.Make your desire for smoking more moderate.vact mag-, -um-; ran -an.To be inclined (to do something), be or become addicted (to something).Ayaw kaw magꞌinum alak bat kaw diꞌ tagihan.Don’t drink alcohol so you will not become addicted.Piyatagi mu siya magsūd sini.You got him addicted to going to movies.adjmatagiHaving a strong desire or liking, inclined (to do something).Matagi siya magpanayam apus.He has a strong desire to gamble.Cf.sūbsuwak
tagidꞌid1adjIn orderly fashion, consecutively.vag mag-; pat -un.Usu. with another verb.(To relate something) in order.Tiyagidꞌid niya katān biyaytaꞌ in kītaꞌ niya ha Manila.He related in order everything he had seen in Manila.OV SYN.taki-taki2vpat ma-.To be consecutively delayed (e.g., from 5 PM to 6 PM, then 7 PM etc.).Natagidꞌid in pagdatung sin gadji nila.The arrival of their salary is delayed.
tagiktiknA sound made by the striking of two hard materials against each other (as a hammer against an anvil), or by the colliding of two hard objects.vact mag-, -um-.(For two hard objects colliding) to make a sound; (for bullets) to bounce off (something).Diꞌ mu siya yan mapatay sin pungluꞌ magtagiktik sadja minsan hisiyu-hisiyu in timimbak kaniya.You can’t kill him by bullets; whoever will shoot him, (the bullets) will just bounce off.Piyatagiktik nila in kassaꞌ.They struck bottles against each other to make a sound.Cf.kubulan
tagimtimnFreckles, mildew stain (as on clothes that have not been hung to dry).In magpamurak mahumu makaīg tagimtim sin bayhuꞌ.Constant application of face powder removes one’s freckles.vST pat -un.To develop freckles, develop mildew stains.Tagimtimun in manga badjuꞌ abila basaꞌ ampa diꞌ pahayangun.Clothes become mildewed when they are wet and are not aired out.Cf.tamak 1
tagingtingnThe sound made by the striking of a hard object against a hollow, or sometimes solid, metallic object.vpat mag-, -um-.(For objects) to make this type of sound.In basiꞌ bang pukpukun magtagingting.When iron is struck it makes a sound.Piyatagingting niya in agung sin kahuy-kahuy.He made the gong sound by hitting it with a stick.
tagnaꞌadvAt first, from the beginning, formerly.Tagnaꞌ, kami in naghuhulaꞌ ha bāy yaun.At first we were the ones living in that house.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.Often with another verb.To be first, begin (something), start.Siya in timagnaꞌ magbassa sin būk.She was the first to read the book.ntagnaanThe beginning, start, first part.Walaꞌ ku kitaꞌ in tagnaan sin sīni.I didn’t see the beginning of the movie.Cf.puun 1.1