Tausug - English


tagnusvar. oftugnusvTo uproot (something), remove or pull out (something embedded in something else).
tagubnIn oral literature, a shell or covering that conceals one’s real appearance, a disguise which may take different forms and is given by magic power.Awn tagub sin dayang-dayang.The princess has a disguise.vag mag-, -um-.To be in a shell or covering, assume a magic disguise.Nagtagub hi Pusung ha supaya diꞌ kakilahan sin manga tau.Pusung assumed a magic disguise so people wouldn’t recognize him.ntagubanA sheath (of a bolo or bladed weapon.Malingkat in ukkil-ukkil ha taguban sin kalis ini.The carving on the sheath of the kris is beautiful.
taguknGum or sap (from plants or fruit).Diꞌ maīg in taguk sin nangkaꞌ ha badjuꞌ ku.The jackfruit sap won’t come out of my clothes.adjmatagukGummy, having plenty of sap.Mataguk pa in wanni ini.This wanni still has plenty of sap.vact mag-, -um-; ran -an.To flow or come out (through a cut or opening), give off sap or gum.Tumaguk in kahuy bang tigbasun.The tree will give off sap if you slash it.
taguktukvar.taguꞌtuꞌnA knocking sound (such as that made by an axe chopping wood), the sound of wood breaking.vact mag-, -um-.(For wood) to make such a sound.Timaguktuk sadja in manga kahuy pīlaꞌ naligad.The trees that were cut down made the sound of wood breaking as they fell.Pataguktukun ku in kahuy ini supaya niyu kaingatan sin sakap na aku.I will make this tree produce a knocking sound so that you know I’m ready.
*tagumtumadjmatagumtumBrunette, (of hair and eyebrows) dark.Matagumtum in buhuk iban kilay niya.She has dark hair and eyebrows.Cf.mairum*irum
tagundannA game trail.Malami dakuman in tagundan sabab magꞌagad kita sin limpaꞌ bat kabākan in tiyawꞌ.A game trail is really fun, because we follow the tracks to look for the hidden thing.
tagungguꞌvar. oftabungguꞌnThe playing and sound of gongs and traditional drums played together.
taguriꞌnA kite.Gantii in kanjiꞌ sin taguriꞌ mu.Change the paper of your kite.vag mag-.To fly a kite.Magtaguriꞌ kita bang mahangin.We’ll fly the kite when it’s windy.
*tahalaꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To delay, hinder for a time, detain (something).Diꞌ manjari tahalaun in pagkubul.We can’t delay the funeral.Cf.tarasaw*antaraꞌ
tahalilnA prayer (in Arabic) for the spirit of a dead person.vag mag-; ran/ben -an.(For a priest) to say this prayer (for a dead person’s spirit).Subay hangpuꞌ pakil in magtahalil.There should be ten priests to say the prayer for the dead person’s spirit.Cf.tujulaksaꞌ
*tahamulvST pat ma-.To become tongue-tied, speechless (as from amazement or embarrassment).Natahamul siya pagbassa niya sin tiligrama.He became speechless on reading the telegram.
tahannAbility to endure or withstand (something).In tahan niya ha uhaw duwa adlaw walaꞌ siya mīnum.His ability to endure thirst was such that he didn’t drink for two days.OV SYN.sandalvag mag-; pat -un.To endure (a hardship) or refrain from doing what will alleviate (it), detain (someone).Ayaw kaw magtahan sin hapdiꞌ mu.Don’t refrain from satisfying your hunger (i.e., from eating).Subay tahanun in tau yan bang diꞌ mamaytaꞌ sin kasabunnalan.That man should be detained if he will not tell the truth.
tahanahanaadvIntentionally, on purpose.Biyaꞌ isab tahanahana in pagtiluꞌ niya sin būla mari kākuꞌ.As if he threw the ball to me intentionally.Kaingatan ku biyaꞌ tahanahana in pagdugtul niya sin dagangan.I know that he bumped the merchandise on purpose.
*tahapvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To winnow, clean (rice) by tossing it up from a flat basket (ligu) and letting the wind blow away the chaff.Tahapi in bugas bang kaw magtugnaꞌ.Winnow the rice when you get ready to cook.
tahay1adjDry.Tahay na in manga badjuꞌ ha buwaran.The clothes on the clothesline are dry.viST pat -um-.To dry up, become dry.Tumahay in kuppung bang panuga.The well dries up during summer.Patahayun ku naa in midyas ku ampa kita pa iskul.I’ll dry my socks first and then we’ll go to school.nkatahayanA dry surface or area.Butangan in manga labban ha katahayan bat diꞌ mabasaꞌ.Put the boxes in a dry area so they won’t get wet.2nDried fish.Ayaw kaw magbī sin tahay maasin tuud.Don’t buy dried fish that are too salty.vag mag-; pat -un.To dry (fish).Tahayun ta in manga istaꞌ ini.We’ll dry this fish.OV SYN.biyukaꞌderv.bukaꞌ1 ANT.buhiꞌ 3
tahiꞌnSewing.Bukun marayaw in tahiꞌ sin makina ini.The sewing of this machine isn’t good.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To sew (something).Tahia ba in badjuꞌ ku.Will you sew my dress.nmananahiꞌA seamstress or tailor.Walaꞌ naubus tiyahiꞌ sin mananahiꞌ in badjuꞌ ku.The seamstress hasn’t finished sewing my dress.npagtatahianDress shop, tailoring shop.Subay awn laysin sin manga pagtatahian.Tailoring shops need to be licensed.
tahudnA spur (which grows on a chicken’s leg).Awn na tahud sin manuk mu.Your chicken has a spur now.Cf.bulang
tahunnA year.Tahun unu in kapagꞌanak kaymu?What year were you born?In tahun nakalabay mataud tuud kasigpitan kimugdan pa hulaꞌ Pilipinas.Last year there were many hardships that came to the Philippines.advtahun-tahunEvery or each year.vran -an, mag-…-an.(For an action, a stay, or a state) to last for at least a year.Tahunan sa kaw yan ha pagtulak mu yan.You’ll be away on your trip at least a year.Nagtahunan na in utang niya kākuꞌ.His debt to me has not been paid for years.
tāiban(from taga + iban)nA partner, spouse, companion, mate, member of a pair.Hariin in tāiban mu?Where is your mate?Diꞌ siya kumaun subay na dumatung in tāiban niya.She won’t eat till her spouse arrives.Hariin in tāiban sin kapatus ini?Where is my other shoe?npanāibanCompanions, partners.Hariin na in manga panāiban mu?Where are your companions?Cf.iban 2limbang
*taisvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To challenge (someone to a fight), provoke (someone to fight or do something injurious).Ayaw mu aku taisa.Don’t provoke me.Hangkan na sila nakapagkālu pasal tiyais sila sin kaibanan.That is why they quarreled because they were provoked by others.
taka-takavar.tumaka2advThe more, continuously.Taka-taka siya nagtukul natukul in lima niya.While he was continuously hammering he hammered his hand.Taka-taka kaw kumaun sumakit na in tiyan mu.If you eat continuously you will get a stomachache.Taka-taka mu huyupun in kāyu masunug na in kusina.The more you blow the fire it will burn the kitchen.Taka-taka mu sulatan diꞌ na mayaꞌ kaymu.The more you will write she will not love you.Cf.lumugaylugaymahumu2
takabbuladjArrogant, haughty, overbearing (used with contempt or scorn).In tau takabbul kulang in bagay niya.An arrogant person lacks friends.vST pat -um-.To become arrogant, haughty, overbearing.Kamatauran sin tau tumakabbul bang magkarayahan.Most people become arrogant when they become rich.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To act arrogantly, overbearingly (toward someone).Ayaw na kaw magtakabbul sabab kaingatan ku in awwal mu.Don’t be arrogant for I know your origin.Cf.abbu 1
takaknThe (wooden) top-piece (of a mast).Subay parayawun na in takak sin banug, biyaꞌ sūng na mabaliꞌ.We have to repair the top-piece for the sail, it seems it’s about to break.
takāknThe stem (of fruit), the stalk on a banana tree where the hands of bananas form.Malagguꞌ tuud isab in takāk sin mampallam.The stem of the mango is very big.
takasnThe remaining part (after a fire, etc.).In takas sin bāy nasunug, diꞌ na kakitaan.The remaining part of the house that burned couldn’t be seen.Hawnu in takas sin tinda niyu nasunug?Where are the remains of your store that was burned?