Tausug - English


*takawvAQ ag/goal mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To steal (something from someone).Tiyakaw in manga badjuꞌ ha biyuwaran.The clothes on the clothesline were stolen.Matūp takawan in tau maikut.It’s fitting to steal from a stingy person.npanakawA thief.Nasaggaw sin pulis in panakaw.The thief was arrested by the police.ntiyakawanStolen objects.Ayaw kaw magbī sin tiyakawan.Don’t buy stolen objects.Cf.sugarul
takaw kapugnThe evening star.Malingkat tuud kitaun bang dūm in takaw kapug.It is really beautiful to look at the evening star at night.SYN.mūpuCf.māga
*takbiꞌ1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un (usu. papag-…-un); ran -an.To have a cockfight without artificial spurs, (for a cock) to fight with another cock.Takbii sin manuk mu in manuk niya.Let your cock fight with his cock.Cf.bulang2vpat papag-…-un.To provoke (someone) to fight (with someone else).Subay mu diꞌ papagtakbiun in tau magtaymanghud.Don’t provoke siblings to fight with each other.Cf.*tukbuꞌ 1.1
takbilvar.takbirvag mag-, -um-; goal/ben -an.To extol the greatness of God (by saying the formula Allahu Akbar).In Tuhan makūg bang in manga piyapanjari niya magtakbil kaniya.God will be pleased if His creatures extol His greatness.
takdil1relConcerning, with regard to, relating to.Bang takdil sin pagꞌiskul mu ayaw kaw masusa. Aku in magꞌatas.Concerning your schooling, don’t worry. I will be responsible for it.Ha takdil sin pagbagay, subay kaw maingat magdā sin bagay mu.Concerning friendship, you should know how to get along with your friend.Bang takdil ha baran ku diꞌ ku pahalgaun in pilak dayn sin kumangiꞌ in ngān ku.With regard to myself, I won’t ruin my reputation for the sake of money.vnone hi-.To say (something) concerning (someone).Hitakdil ku kaniya, siya na yan in mapanday manghinang-hinang.I will say concerning her that she is good at working magic.OV SYN.palihālanpasal12vnone hi-.To compare (something to something else).Bang hitakdil pa maghinang bāy hāg in patindugun muna.If we compare (it) to building a house, the post is set up first.
takdugnA strong kick (with the foot).Makusug in takdug sin tau magkukuntaw.The kick of people who know judo is strong.vag mang-, mag-, -um-; ran -an.To kick (something) with force.Ayaw takdugi in manghud mu.Don’t kick your kid brother.SYN.tikdagCf.sipaꞌ 1
taki-takivag mag-; pat -un, hikapag-.To relate (something) step by step or in order from beginning to end, give the details.Taki-takihun ku kaymu in kītaꞌ ku katān.I’ll relate to you in order everything I saw.
takilnA square or triangular wrapper with no top, made of coconut leaves, in which cooked vegetables and fish or meat are served and in which certain kinds of confections are cooked.In takil sin bibingka subay marakmul bat diꞌ masunug.The coconut-leaf wrapper of rice cakes should be thick so they will not burn.
tākinadjmatākinIndustrious, diligent, very active.vag -um-.To be industrious, work hard.Bang marayaw in nakuraꞌ ha upis, in manga tau ha babaan niya tumākin.If the head of an office is a good person, the people under him will work hard.
taklaꞌnThe sound made by flapping the tongue against the roof of the mouth, a clicking of the tongue.Malisuꞌ aku magdungug sin taklaꞌ hi Abdul.I’m annoyed by hearing Abdul’s clicking of his tongue.Cf.labtik 1
takliadvipat ma-, mag-.To fall backward.Ayaw kaw maglingkud ha taas sin tandawan bat kaw diꞌ magtakliad.Don’t sit on the window so you’ll not fall backward.vtpat -un.To make (someone) fall backward.Takliarun niya kaw bang kaw diꞌ mīg dayn duun.He’ll make you fall backward if you don’t get away from there.
taklupvar.tapluknThe cover (of an opening or container).vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; goal -an.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To close (a container or opening, usu. with its cover, e.g., a doorway with a door, a pot with its lid), cover (something in a container).Magtaklup pa aku sin kakaun bat diꞌ langawn.I’ll cover the food so that it will not be infested by flies.Taklupun ku muna in mital bangbang.I’ll close the can of the biscuits.Taklupan ta in lungag ini bat diꞌ makalabay in manga ambaw.We’ll close this hole so the rats can’t go by.OV SYN.lukubsaubtambul 1
*takmayadjHeld cupped in the hand.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To open (the hand).Takmaya in lima mu.Open your hand.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To hold (something) cupped in the open hand.Nananakmay siya takuꞌ.She is resting her chin in her cupped hand.Tiyatakmay niya in anak itik.The baby duck is held cupped in his open hands.Cf.1.1
*taksilvag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un.To blame (someone).Ayaw mu aku taksila bang kaw masaggaw sin parinta.Don’t blame me if you get caught by the authorities.nkataksilanBlameworthiness.Mamuas na aku sin kataksilan.I’ll free myself of blameworthiness.
taksinaꞌnArchaicThe direction south, any point or direction opposite to the north.Himarap pa taksinaꞌ in adjung.The sailing vessel was headed south.Cf.subangansadlupan*sadlup 2magrib 3maksinaꞌmasrikhangin
taktaknThe last egg laid by a chicken before it broods, an immature egg (of a chicken).In iklug taktak asibiꞌ.An immature chicken egg is small.
*taktakvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran/ben -an.To spread (something, as fish nets), let down (something, as curtains or mosquito nets).Ayaw taktaka in kurtina.Don’t let down the curtains.
takuꞌnChin.Awn sipak sin takuꞌ niya.His chin has a cleft.6: The Parts of the Body
takulnThe beating (of something) with a stick, either in regular or irregular rhythms.vag mag-; pat -un; goal/ben -an.To beat (something with a stick in regular or irregular rhythms).Takula niyu in agung makusug bat da karungugan dayn ha malayuꞌ.You beat the gong hard so that it can be heard from afar.Bang magꞌambit istaꞌ subay sama-sama magtakul sin higad sakayan supaya marā in istaꞌ pa higad.When driving fish (the fishermen) should beat the sides of their boats at the same time so that the fish will be drawn to the shore.Cf.ganding*kagulkatik
takulaubnBack, upper part, exterior surface.Piyalian in takulaub lima ku.The back of my hand is wounded.
takulaub matanThe socket in which the eyeball sits, eye socket.Malagguꞌ in takulaub mata niya.His eye sockets are big.
takusnSide arms (referring only to bladed weapons).Diꞌ pagkaīgan takus in tau gimba.The people of the interior cannot be separated from their side arms.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To wear (a bladed weapon, sometimes a pistol) as a side arm.Ayaw kaw magtakus pa Tiyanggi.Don’t wear a weapon at your side when you go to Jolo town.Cf.pakukusalmassanjataꞌ
takutnShoal, shallows of the ocean.Mataud istaꞌ ha takut.There are many fish in the shallows of the ocean.
takwimnArabic calendar, almanac.Subay kitaun ha takwim bang kuꞌnu in panagnaan sin puasa.We should look at the Arabic calendar to see when the beginning of the fast is.OV SYN.bintang patahunanCf.putikaanputikaꞌiralan ludjuman
talamnA brass tray (without legs).Butangan na in manga pagkaun ha talam.Put the food on the brass tray.Cf.batunjangpalanggana