Tausug - English


tālangvag -um-; pat -un.To accept (something).Diꞌ tālangun in sīn mu.Your money will not be accepted.Hisiyu in tumālang kaymu babai bang way hinang mu?Who is the girl who will accept you if you are jobless?
*tālangvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To toss coins (for heads or tails).In manga bataꞌ nagtālang nagkālu.The children tossing coins quarreled.
talanghativar.tallanghatinMagical power (given by a tawal) that enables (someone) to learn easily.In talanghati niya yan landuꞌ nakatabang kaniya.His magical power to learn has really been of help to him.adjmatalanghatiHaving ability to learn easily.In anak mu usug landuꞌ matalanghati.Your son indeed has the ability to learn easily.panalanghatiderv.adj(Of water) having the power to help (someone) learn (things).
talawnExcessive fear.Piyunung in tau yaun sin talaw niya.That man fainted because of his fear.adjtalawanCowardly, excessively fearful.Talawan in tau diꞌ mangatu.A man who doesn’t fight back is cowardly.Cf.dāhitdamagbugaꞌ
talbangvag -um-.To vanish, disappear.Timalbang na in malāikat pa taas langit pagꞌubus nagpalahil mawn pa nabi.The angel vanished up in the sky after he appeared to the prophet.
tali-talinMigraine headache.Diꞌ siya makatūg sin tali-tali niya.She can’t sleep because of her migraine headache.
taliꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To think of (something) deliberately, consider (something).Taliꞌ kaw sin hikarayaw sin pagꞌusaha ta.Think of ways to make our business progressive.Subay taliun marayaw bang maghinang diksiyunari.One should think carefully in order to make a dictionary.adjmataliꞌKeen-witted, clever, shrewd.Subay tau mataliꞌ in makatukud sin pangasubu niya.It takes a keen-witted man to answer his question.ntalianDeliberation, thought or idea after careful and full consideration, plan.Marayaw in talian niya.He has a good plan.Cf.pikil*kannal
taliannAn artificial tree, used at feasts.Mataud malingkat ari-ari biyubutang ha talian.There are many beautiful decorations placed on the artificial feast tree.In talian paghinangun bang waktu Mawlud.The artificial feast tree is made during the birthday celebration of Prophet Muhammad.
talianakvar.tayanaknmagtalianakA close family or blood relationship, the relationship between parents and children; parent and child.Marayaw tuud kitaun in magtalianak yaun, biyaꞌ sila magbagay.It is really nice to see that father and son, as if they are friends.
*talik1adjmatalikHaving ability in speech, eloquent, fluent.In manga abugaw matalik magbissara.The lawyers are eloquent in their speech.Matalik hi Abdul magbissara Anggalis.Abdul is fluent in speaking English.
*talik2vag mag-; pat -un.To plant (seeds in the ground).Talikun ku na pa lupaꞌ in bigi pitsay ini.I’ll plant these pechay seeds in the ground now.Pagpatalik kaw bigi kamatis.Plant the tomato seeds (in the ground) so they will sprout.OV SYN.*tanum 1Cf.tubuꞌ 1pangtusansahaꞌ
talingnA tusk, canine tooth.Mahalgaꞌ in taling sin gadja.An elephant’s tusk is expensive.Cf.garing 1tangil
talisayvar. oftaysaynTropical almond (A tree that grows near the shore, the leaves of which were used to blacken teeth).
talkumnA gravecloth for covering the face (of the dead in burial).In talkum sin patay subay kakanaꞌ putiꞌ.The gravecloth for covering the face of the dead should be white cloth.
*tallaknpagtallakDivorce.Diꞌ maawn in pagtallak bang diꞌ mabayaꞌ in bana.There won’t be any divorce if the husband is unwilling.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To divorce (someone).Subay mu tallakan in asawa mu.You should divorce your wife.Cf.*bugit 2
tallangadjVery dark in color.Tallang na in atal sin babai yaun.That girl’s lipstick is very dark-colored.Cf.walnaꞌlutuꞌ 3
talmidnSwinging from one branch of a tree to another.Matagi in manga bataꞌ magpanayam talmid.Children are fond of playing swing-from-branch-to-branch.vTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To swing (from one branch of a tree to another).Mataud manga amuꞌ magtalmid ha kakahuy-kahuyan.There are many monkeys swinging on the trees.Talmirun ku in sanga yaun dayn dī.I’ll swing to that branch from here.ntalmiranA place where such swinging is or can be done.
talukadjViolet, purple.In walnaꞌ sin badjuꞌ niya kahapun taluk.The color of her dress yesterday was violet.Diꞌ tūpun in maitum mamadjuꞌ taluk.It’s not suitable for a dark-complexioned person to wear violet clothing.
talumpungnBinoculars, telescope.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To look through binoculars or a telescope.Talumpunga bat mu kakitaan in manga tau ha būd yaun.Look through the binoculars so you can see the people on that mountain.
talun1nSama who live on the land.Ha timpu bihaun mataud na talun ha Tiyanggi.In the present time there are many Sama who live on the land in Jolo town.
talun2adjWild (usu. of animals).Mataud sattuwa talun ha gulangan.There are many wild animals in the jungle.ANT.ipatanipatCf.adlavag mag-.To behave without control or regulation, run wild.Lumugay magtalun in manga kabataan yan bang diꞌ pantunun.Sooner or later these young people will run wild if they’re not disciplined.
talungkupnA toy top.Malugay magligut in talungkup niya.His toy top spins a long time.
talus1adjKnowing (something) beforehand, prescient.Bang sadja aku talus sin dupangun mu aku, diꞌ ta kaw tabangun.If I had only known beforehand that you would fool me, I wouldn’t have helped you.In tau talus kaingatan niya bang unu in kumugdan ha susūngun.A prescient person knows what is going to happen in the future.Cf.kitaꞌ 2vgoal ka-…-an.To know (something) beforehand.Bang ku kiyatalusan mangiꞌ in addat niya diꞌ aku mayaꞌ kaniya.Had I known beforehand of his ill disposition I would not have fallen in love with him.
talus2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To continue, finish (doing something, esp. something already started).Subay mu talusun in hinang mu.You must finish your work.Marayꞌ na matalus in hinang ku.My work will soon be finished.Cf.ubustimus
tamaꞌvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cut (something) up into small pieces, chop (something) up.Magtamaꞌ pa aku sin unud sapiꞌ ini.I’ll chop up this beef yet.Tamaun ku muna in unud sin sapiꞌ bat maluhay malutuꞌ.I’ll cut the beef up into small pieces first so that it will be easily cooked.OV SYN.*tuktuk1utud