Tausug - English


taniyupron(Speaker-hearer pl. non-topic actor/causer and possessor pronoun) we, our.Cf.natuꞌ
tantuadjSure, certain.Tantu tuud magad aku kaymu.I’m very sure to go with you.Bukun tantu in bichara niya.What he says is not certain.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To make sure, assure, give assurance.Tantuhun mu tuud diꞌ siya magmula.Make sure that he’ll not be harmed.Cf.bunnal
tanudnThread.Bī kaw tanud hipagtahiꞌ ta sin badjuꞌ mu.Buy thread to sew your dress.SYN.salbanCf.bannangvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To thread (a needle or sewing machine).Aku in magtanud sin jawm.I’ll be the one to thread the needle.Subay tanuran in makina.You should thread the sewing machine.
tanug1nThe volume (of a sound or voice).Biyaꞌdiin in tanug sin radiyu niyu?How’s the volume of your radio?adjmatanugLoud.Matanug in tingug niya.Her voice is loud.viST pat -um-.To become louder, (for the volume of a sound) to increase.Subay mu patanugun in tingug bat ku karungugan.You’ve got to make your voice louder so I can hear.Ayaw kaw magpatanug sin radyu, awn natutūg.Don’t increase the volume of your radio. Somebody is sleeping.vtCV 1 pat hi-.To make (something) known, proclaim, announce, publish (something) publicly.Subay hitanug in pagtunang sin manga anak ta.We must announce publicly the engagement of our children.OV SYN.mahalayak2adjFamous, well-known.Tanug in ngan hi Jose Rizal ha katilingkal sin dunya.Jose Rizal is famous throughout the world.OV SYN.tanyagbantug 1
*tanum1vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To plant (something).Magtanum aku sayul ha taykud bāy namuꞌ.I’ll plant vegetables in our backyard.Hain mu hitanum in sumping yan?Where will you plant that flower?Diꞌ katanuman manggis in lupaꞌ ini.Mangosteen cannot be planted on this land.npananumPlants; that which has been planted, a crop.Nagkangiꞌ in pananum lugay sin panuga.The plants were destroyed during the dry season.Cf.tumbu-tumbuhan2vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.Euph.To bury (something).Kunsūm na hitanum in bangkay hi Apuꞌ.Tomorrow the body of Grandpa will be buried.Cf.kubul
tangaꞌadj./adv(Of speech) stammering.Diꞌ ku kaingatan in imutang mari kākuꞌ saꞌ amura in kakilahan ku tangaꞌ siya magbissara.I don’t know the one who came here to borrow from me, the only way I can recognize him is his stammering speech.In tau tangaꞌ mahunit mu kahātihan in bissara niya.It is hard for you to understand what a stammering person says.nA stammerer.In tangaꞌ nagkālu iban sin bisu.The stammerer and a deaf person are fighting.
*tangaꞌvCV 3 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To carry (something) with the mouth, dangling from the mouth.Tiyatangaꞌ sin kuting in ambaw.The cat is carrying the mouse with her mouth.
*tangasEastern Jolo and offshore islandsvag mag-; goal -an.To burn incense to spirits or jīn (either to ask help from them or keep them away).Subay kita magtangas kamanyan bang dūm Jumaat.We should burn incense to the spirits on the evening of Friday (i.e., Thursday nights).OV SYN.*tugtugCf.sunug
tangbusadjFinished, completed, concluded, graduated (as of a meeting, discussion, course of study at a school).Tangbus na in pagꞌiskul niya.He already graduated from school.vtag mag-; pat -un; ran ka-…-an.To finish or complete (work, a meeting, discussion, a course of study).Tangbusun ku muna in pagꞌiskul ku ampa aku magꞌasawa.I will finish my studies first and then I’ll get married.U.P. in kiyatangbusan niya sin pangadjiꞌ abugaw.He finished his law study at U.P.vipat ma-.To be finished, completed, concluded, graduated.Natangbus na in pagbilmaarup nila kahapun.Their conference was concluded yesterday.OV SYN.tapusCf.ubustammattalus2
tangdan1nPayment, reward.Pila in tangdan magpatahiꞌ badjuꞌ kaymu?How much is your payment for sewing the clothes?Unu in tangdan dīhil kaymu?What was the reward given to you?vag mag-, -um-, mang-; goal -an.To give a reward (for accomplishing an errand), pay (someone), hire (someone).Minsan kaw diꞌ magtangdan bang kaw dumaak kakuꞌ.You can request me (to do something) even if you don’t pay me.Manangdan aku tau magdā sin luwan ku.I’ll hire someone to carry my luggage.Tangdanan ta kaw bang mu kabaakan in anak ku.If you can find my child I’ll give you a reward.Kawgun in sīn mu bang mu hipagtangdan ha dugaing tau.You will waste your money if you use it to pay somebody else.2nA bribe.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To bribe (someone).Hangkan sila dimaug naghukum bat tiyangdanan nila in huwis.The reason they won the judgment (i.e., the verdict was in their favor) was that they bribed the judge.OV SYN.*suap
tangdayvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To rest one’s leg on (a pillow or someone’s leg).Tangday kaw ha ūan ini.You can rest your leg on this pillow.ntangdayanSomething (esp. a pillow) where one rests one’s leg (when sleeping or resting).Diꞌ aku makatūg marayaw bang way tangdayan ku.I cannot rest well if there is nothing to rest my leg on.OV SYN.bingal
tanggal1adj(Of behavior) bad, (of deeds) wrong (often spoken of gambling and drinking).In tau subay diꞌ huminang tanggal palangay atawa piil in Tuhan nagjajaga kātuꞌ.A person should not have bad character or do wrong things, God is watching us.Diꞌ aku huminang tanggal minsan makadihil daya kākuꞌ.I’ll not do wrong things even if it will make me rich.vag mag-, -um-.To do (something) wrong.Ayaw na kaw magtanggal magꞌinum, sabab way kapūsan.Don’t do wrong by drinking any more, (i.e., stop doing wrong by…) because there’s no use in it.
tanggal21vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To remove (a part of something from the whole).Subay tanggalun na in panyap nagkangiꞌ ha makina.(The mechanic) should remove the part of the engine that broke.viST pat ma-.(For something) to come apart, (for a part of something) to come off (from the whole).Natanggal in hansipak silikan sin jīp namuꞌ.One wheel of our jeep came off.OV SYN.tangtang2adj(With īman) having no (moral strength, patience, resistance to temptation).In tau tanggal īman, amu na in tau diꞌ kapangandulan.A person who has no moral strength, that’s a person who can’t be trusted.
tangguvag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To postpone, cause (someone) to wait (esp. for the payment of a debt).Tanggu kaw ha kiyautangan mu pa tapus bulan.Let your creditor wait till the end of the month.Tangguhan ku pa kunsūm in pagtulak namuꞌ.I’ll put off our trip until tomorrow.
*tanggungvCV 3 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To carry (something) on one’s shoulders with poles.Tanggunga in duwa suꞌgub buwahan.Carry two baskets of lanzones on a pole between you.ntanggunganA pole used to carry something.Bulaꞌ in tanggungan niya.His carrying pole is a flat bamboo slat.
tanghabvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.(For an animal) to seize, bite, cut into, or cut off (something) with its teeth.Bang kaw madtu pa bāy yaun matanghab kaw sin iruꞌ.If you go to that house the dog will seize you.In bangbang sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ natanghab sin iruꞌ.The dog seized the baby’s cake.Cf.kutkut*dagit
*tanghulvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For dogs) to bark.Magtanghul in iruꞌ namuꞌ bang mākitaꞌ tau.Our dog barks if it sees people.npagtanghulThe barking (of a dog).Miyugaꞌ aku sin pagtanghul sin iruꞌ kabii.The barking of the dog last night frightened me.Cf.*usig*taul
tangilnProjecting canine teeth (in humans), fangs (in animals, monsters, or spirits).Taga tangil in darakula kītaꞌ ku ha sīni.The vampire I saw in the movie has fangs.Cf.taling
tangisvag mag-, -um-; pat pag-…-un.To cry or weep, shed tears.Tumangis in bataꞌ-bataꞌ bang diꞌ makaduruꞌ.The baby will cry if he can’t nurse.Pagtangisun aku bang ku katumtuman in kasigpitan kiyalabayan ku.I cry whenever I remember the hardship I have experienced.Ayaw mu patangisa in bataꞌ.Don’t make the child cry.Cf.tulikasang2 *hukuꞌ-hukuꞌdangulngul*matay
tangkaꞌvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To restrain, curb, control (one’s appetite or desire).Bang in babai nangingiram subay diꞌ magtangkaꞌ sin napsu niya.When a woman is pregnant she should not restrain her appetite (for special food she fancies to eat).Mahunit niya tangkaan in bayaꞌ niya ha babai yan.It is hard for him to curb his passion for that woman.Cf.sandaltahan
tangkal1nBackbone, spinal column.Nabaliꞌ in tangkal niya.His backbone was broken.
tangkal2vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To tie (something heavy) onto (something, to make it sink in water).Subay tangkalan batu mabuggat in patay iruꞌ bat diꞌ hilantup.You should tie a heavy stone on the dead dog so it won’t float.
tangkaynA stem, stalk (of a plant); handle (of a ladle, cup, pan, etc.); bow or temple (of a pair of glasses).Nabaliꞌ in tangkay sin sumping.The stem of the flower is broken.Cf.sangavAR ag mag-; ran -an.To provide a handle (for something), a bow or temple (for glasses).Tangkayan ta kahuy in luwag yan.We will put a wooden handle on that ladle.Cf.pūhan
tangkiꞌ1nAn extra finger or toe (attached to a normal one).Laung nila marayaw sukud in tau awn tangkiꞌ sin gulamay lima.They said that a person who has an extra finger (attached to a normal one) has good luck.Dayahan tuud in tau maas lannang taga tangkiꞌ in gulamay yaun.That old Chinese man with an extra finger is very rich.Mangiꞌ pagꞌuturan in tangkiꞌ ha gulamay sin tau.It is not good to amputate an extra finger of a person’s hand.adjtangkianHaving an extra finger or toe.2vag mag-; pat -un.To sew (two or more pieces of cloth) together.Bang maghinang habul dakulaꞌ subay tangkiun duwa habul.When one makes a large sarong one should sew two sarongs together.OV SYN.tangkil
tangkignA variety of small sea snake.Mabugaꞌ aku ha tangkig.I am afraid of the sea snake.Magpanuruk in hās tangkig bang kaw kakitaan mamayguꞌ ha dagat.The sea snake will enter your anus if it sees you swimming in the sea.Samut kaw kāa in sāpang, tagbakun ku in hās tangkig yaun.Quick, get the spear, I’ll spear that sea snake.4: Animals, Non-flying