ūhan(from ū + -an₁)1nThe position associated with the human head; tip, top, or front part (of something).Biyutang niya ha ūhan in kitab.He placed the religious book at the head.Tiyawꞌ ku in sīn ha ūhan kantil.I keep the money at the head of the bed.vag mag-, -um-.To have (one’s) head or the front (of something) facing (a certain way).Bang kita matūg, marayaw bang kita magꞌūhan pa subangan.When we sleep, it’s good if we have our heads to the east.2nThe chief or leader (of a group).vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To act as head or chief (of a group).Ikaw in magꞌūhan ha manga bataꞌ iskul ini.You’ll be the head of this group of students.npagꞌūhananLeadership, headship.OV SYN.nakuraꞌ

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