būd1nA mountain.adjmabūdMountainous.Mabūd in hulaꞌ Bukidnon.Bukidnon is mountainous.vtCH 1, CV 1, AR ag mag-; pat -un, hi-; ran -an.To heap or pile up (something).Būrun ku in buhangin ha sawm bāy.I’ll pile up the sand under the house.Būran ta siya sin buhangin.We’ll pile sand on him.nrdp.A hill.Cf.pantayanpantay 2bakūd2viST pat ma-.To be many, plenty, numerous, crowded, populous, swarming.Nabūd in sukal sin sanam.The sugar is swarming with ants.Nabūd in sīn niya ha bangkuꞌ.His money in the bank is plenty (i.e., he has lots of money).OV SYN.banustaud

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