baran1nThe body (of a person or animal); the main part (of something, as the shell of a plane, ship, stove, etc., the frame of a vehicle, the body of a letter, the pages of a book [i.e., not the cover]).Malagguꞌ in baran sin tau yaun.That fellow’s body is big.OV SYN.jasadanggawtaꞌCf.ginhawa 1n(One’s) self.Baran mu na in madtu bang kaw mabayaꞌ.Go yourself if you wish.In taymanghud ku saliꞌ da sin baran ku.As for my brother, it’s the same as if he were myself.vaux mag-, -un.Used with another verb.To (do something) personally.Magbaran aku madtu pa bagay ku magpamaap.I’ll go personally to my friend to ask forgiveness.Baranun ku in pagpamawli.I will personally do revenge.advrdp.By itself, under its own power.In sakayan taga banug dumāgan baran-baran niya.A boat with a sail moves by itself.2adjnagbabaranDignified.In tau nagbabaran maayad kumangiꞌ in ngān niya.A dignified person is careful lest his reputation become bad.\rs balkanan

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