hād1nA period of time given (as for payment, submission of reports, or surrender of unlicensed firearms).Dihilan sila hād magbayad sampay kunsūm.They’re given the time to pay till tomorrow.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To provide a period of time, set a deadline (for something) or a limit (on something).Diꞌ siya magpanghād magbissara.She does not put limits on what she says (i.e., speaks without reservation).Hāran ta kaw magbayad sin utang mu kākuꞌ.I’ll set you a period of time to pay me your debts.Cf.jangkaan*jangkaꞌ2vpat -un.Used only with negative diꞌ.To give (someone) mercy, hesitate to harm (someone).Diꞌ sa kaw yan niya hārun bang siya dugalan.He won’t hesitate to harm you if he’s angry.

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