hinduꞌnTeaching, advice, counsel, instruction.Dugaing in hinduꞌ sin tau yaun.The teaching of that person is different.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat hi-; goal -an.To teach, instruct, educate (someone), give advice or counsel (to someone), point out, tell or reveal (something, esp. something hidden).Hinduan kākuꞌ bang haunu tiyawꞌ in pilak.Tell me exactly where he keeps the money.Cf.panduꞌnmanghihinduꞌOne who teaches, educates, gives instruction, counsels, points out, reveals, or tells (something).Ikaw ka in manghihinduꞌ ha kabataan dī?Are you the one who teaches the children here?Cf.mastal

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