kīg-kīgvag mang-; ran/goal pag-…-an, pang-…-an.To shudder with aversion or (extreme) disgust (esp. on seeing something filthy or horrible), show contempt (for someone by some action [e.g., covering one’s face or a motion of one’s head and shoulders] and/or vocal expression of rejection).Nangīg-kīg siya pagkitaꞌ niya sin hās dakulaꞌ.She shuddered with aversion when she saw the big snake.Mangīg-kīg in baran ku bang aku makasūd pa kasilyas malummiꞌ.I shudder with disgust when I go into a dirty comfort room.Subay in tau dayahan diꞌ mangīg-kīg ha tau miskin.Rich people should not show contempt for poor people.OV SYN.babaꞌ 2

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