bahuꞌ11nBad odor, stench, smell.adjmabahuꞌStinky, odorous, smelly.Mabahuꞌ in pagjajambanan.The toilet is smelly.viST act -um-.To develop a stinking odor, stink.Mahuꞌ sa kān bang kaw diꞌ mayguꞌ.You’ll stink if you don’t take a bath.vtran ka-…-an.To smell a bad smell.Wayruun kabahuan ku bat iyuulapay aku.I can’t smell the bad smell, I have a stuffy nose.ANT.hamut2nBad reputation.Subay ta diꞌ paguwaun in bahuꞌ sin bagay ta.We should not let out the bad reputation of our friend.vpat -um-; ran ka-…-an.Used with baling (q.v.).(For one’s past misdeeds or problems) to become known; (for skeletons in one’s closet) to come out; (for one’s dirty linen) to be hung out.Walaꞌ niyu sa yan kiyabahuan in baling sin tau yan.You haven’t learned the past misdeeds of that fellow.Bang in hambuuk tau magpabahuꞌ sin baling niya, in tau yan dupang.If a person hangs out his dirty linen, he is a fool.SYN.asin, magpaulan sin/paulanan inidiomasin

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