sunugnA burned area, a fire.Malagguꞌ tuud in sunug bat naubus in ha lawm Tiyanggi.The fire was really big because it burned up Jolo town.Bahuꞌ sunug in hinang mu pagkaun.Your cooking has the smell of a fire (i.e., smells burned).adjBurned.Sunug in tiyugnaꞌ.The rice is burned.vtCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To burn (something).Ayaw mu sunuga in kātas yan.Don’t burn those papers.viST pat ma-.To be burned.Masunug in lima ta bang kita kumamput pa kurinti.Our hands will be burned if we touch a live electric wire.Cf.daꞌpugangpudtutung

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