karivag mag-. mari (with -um-); goal -un.Forms suffixes -un and -an instead of the regular -hun and -han.To come (to the speaker or somewhere near the speaker).Kari kaw!Come here!Mari da kami bang awn kagunahan namuꞌ.We’ll just come here if we need something.Kariun ku siya magbalik kunsum.I’ll come here to her again tomorrow.Pakaria siya kinsūm.Let her come tomorrow.OV SYN.dayꞌvpat hi-; goal -an.Almost always imperatives karian and karii.To give or hand (something) over (to someone).Karian kākuꞌ in pistul yan.Give that pistol to me.Karii aku sīn, Utuꞌ.Give me money, Junior.OV SYN.duhaldihil

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