pariksaꞌnA reliable, verified, or confirmed idea; certain knowledge.Kulang pariksaꞌ aku ha manga sapiꞌ hi Bapaꞌ Lakibul nalawaꞌ.I have no knowledge of how Uncle Lakibul’s cows were lost.adjVerified, confirmed, reliable.Pariksaꞌ na tuud sin in kapitan naabut na.It is really verified that the captain was taken (died).vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To verify, inquire (so as to make sure or certain), ascertain.Pariksaa bang kuꞌnu in tulak sin kappal maghahadjiꞌ.Ascertain when the pilgrimage ship will sail.OV SYN.nyataꞌCf.asubu*usihathāti

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