lallaynSlowness, delay, inertness.Bang bihān in lallay sin hinang diꞌ yan maubus hangka-bulan.If the slowness of the work is like that it won’t be done in a month.vag mag-.To do (something) slowly, dilly-dally, dawdle.Maglallay sadja sin hinang in tau lisuan.A lazy person just dawdles with his work.vST pat -um-.(Of motion) to slow, become slower.Lumallay in dāgan sin kappal bang patayan in hambuuk makina.The running of the ship will become slower if they turn off one engine.adjmalallaySlow, sluggish, delayed.Malallay in panaw niya sabab masakit in siki niya.Her pace is slow because her feet are hurting.Malallay in datung sin sulat mari.The arrival of the mail here is delayed.Cf.agak-agak*agakluminghinay

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