buntul1adjStraight (as of a line, a direction), erect (as of posture).Bukun buntul in pagbutang sin manga sīya.The chairs are not arranged in a straight line.vtag mag-; pat -un.To straighten (something).Magbuntul aku sin tubu tubig namuꞌ bīngkuk sin bataꞌ.I’ll straighten our water pipe, it was bent by a child.viST pat -um-.(For an object) to become straight.nkabuntulanThe quality or condition of being straight.2.1adjUpright, honest, sincere.Buntul siya ha hinang niya.He is honest in his work.In tau buntul diꞌ magputing.An upright man doesn’t tell lies.OV SYN.tulid1 1vact -um-.(For a person) to become honest, upright.nkabuntulanThe quality or condition of being upright, honest, sincere; the strict application (of something).Agarun ta in kabuntulan sin saraꞌ.We will follow the strict application of the law.2.2vgoal -an.To say or tell (something) directly, without equivocation, frankly.Buntulan ta kaw sin ha lawm atay ku.I’ll tell you frankly what’s on my heart.OV SYN.*tumlangtulid1 1

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