habaꞌ1nLength (of an object).In habaꞌ sin bāy, kaꞌnuman siki.The length of the house is sixty feet.adjmahabaꞌ(Of an object) long.vST pat mag-, -um-.(For something) to become longer.Bang lumugay humabaꞌ da in buhuk mu.In time your hair will become long.Pahabaun ku in buhuk ku.I’ll let my hair get long.Cf.lanjangtaas 12nLength (of time).adjmahabaꞌLong, lengthy.Mahabaꞌ in himumungan sin mayul.The mayor gave a lengthy speech.nkatihabaanThe entirety of or the whole of (a period of time).Nagꞌuusaha siya katihabaan adlaw.He is earning a living the entire day.Way siya nakapagkālu katihabaan sin umul niya.He has never quarreled in his whole life.

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