luppasadj(Of money or time) wasted, squandered, spent uselessly or profitlessly; (of an opportunity) lost, wasted, not taken advantage of.Luppas in sīn piyagꞌiskul mu. Walaꞌ mu da tiyalus.The money spent in your schooling is just wasted. You didn’t finish it (i.e., your schooling).vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To waste (money, time, or an opportunity).Ayaw na kaw magluppas sin lapal mu manghinduꞌ kaniya.Don’t waste your words in counseling him.vipat ma-.(For money, time, an opportunity) to be wasted or squandered.Maluppas in waktu ta bang diꞌ hipagꞌiskul.Our time will be wasted if we don’t go to school.Naluppas in waktu ku nagtagad kaymu.My time was wasted waiting for you.Cf.kawgun*usibaꞌ 1

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