tamak1nA stain, spot, speck (on a garment, usu. caused by the sap or juice of fruits, vegetables, or leaves).Diꞌ na maīg in tamak sin badjuꞌ.The stain on your dress can’t be removed.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To become stained, spotted, blemished.Ayaw butangan in dahun yan ha badjuꞌ niya bat diꞌ katamakan.Don’t put that leaf on his clothes so that they won’t be stained.OV SYN.tagimtimCf.baluba 12nA stain or blemish (on one’s name or reputation).Awn tamak sin ngān nila.Their name has a stain.vran -an.(For one’s name or reputation) to be stained.Bang kaw manakaw katamakan in ngān mu.If you steal your name will be stained.OV SYN.bukis

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