inu-inu1nWonder, astonishment, surprise.Way minsan inu-inu sin inaꞌ pasalan sin anak niya nalawaꞌ.The mother has no astonishment in spite of the loss of her child.vST pat mag-, ma-.To be stunned, be in wonder, overwhelmed, bewildered, surprised, astonished.Nainu-inu sila tuud ha pasal mu.They are really in wonder about you.adjmakainu-inuAmazing, astonishing, surprising.Makainu-inu isab bang biyaꞌ diin in kapaguy niya ha jīl.It’s really astonishing how he was able to escape from prison.OV SYN.tarsangngang*tahamul2.1vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To be curious and sometimes doubtful (about something), wonder or want to know (about something).Maytaꞌ kita inu-inuhun sin tau dugaing malayngkan diꞌ kita magꞌinu-inu minsan unu in hinang nila?Why are other people wondering about us, when we don’t wonder about anything they do?Magꞌinu-inu in manga tau bang hain kaw nakakawaꞌ sīn.People will wonder where you got plenty of money.2.2vag mag-; pat -un.To pay attention (to something), care (about something).Diꞌ siya magꞌinu-inu minsan da way pagkaun ha bāy.She doesn’t care even if there’s no food in the house.Bagay, walaꞌ mu na īnu-inu bayaran in utang mu?Friend, don’t you care about paying your debt?

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