ubusadj./advFinished, completed, done.Ubus na in pagtayp ku.My typing is finished.Ubus na siya kimaun.She has finished eating.vtCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To finish, complete (something); exhaust or deplete (something).Subay ubusun mu in hinang mu ampa kaw makauwiꞌ.You should finish your work first and then you can go home.viST pat ma-; exp ka-…-an.To be or become finished, completed, exhausted, depleted; run out of (something).Naubus na in sīn.His money is exhausted.Laung nila ha lawm lima tahun kaubusan kitaniyu lana.They say that in five years we’ll run out of oil.OV SYN.talus2tangbus

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