*hūp1vact/pat -um-; pat -un.To permeate, saturate, penetrate thoroughly; be absorbed; be complete.Diꞌ hūpun sin tubig in kakanaꞌ ini.Water won’t soak into this material.Diꞌ humūp in lasa niya kaymu bang kamu naglalawak.His love for you won’t be complete if you are far apart.2vexp ka-…-an.To be absorbed or engrossed (in something); be lost in thought.Kahūpan kaw tuud bang mu mabassa in būk ini.You will really be engrossed when you read this book.adjmahūpWholly occupying one’s attention.Mahūp in pagkaun niya minsan in anak niya nagtatangis.Her food wholly occupies her attention even when her child is crying.

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