uwiꞌ1vTV ag mag-, -um-.To come or go home (to one’s abode).Uwiꞌ kaw masamut.Come home early.Diꞌ pa siya makauwiꞌ.He can’t go home yet.Piyauwiꞌ sin mastal in manga bataꞌ iskul pasal sin pagbunuꞌ.The teacher sent the school children home because of the fighting.nuwianThe place to which (one) returns, (one’s) home.Harap pakain in uwian mu?Where are you returning to?2vran -an.To start living in (a new house).Iyuwian nila in bāy baꞌgu kahapun.They started living in the new house yesterday.OV SYN.tau 1

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