*huwatvar.hulat2vag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.Often rdp.To look forward to, expect, hope; be confident or assured (of something); trust, rely, depend, count or reckon on (something).Unu in huwatun mu karayawan ha mahuli adlaw bang mangiꞌ in hinang mu ha dunya?What good do you hope for in the next life when you do bad things in this world?Way siya naghuwat sin mabuhiꞌ pa siya.She didn’t expect to live.Ayaw kaw manghuwat-huwat sin janjiꞌ niya.Don’t rely on his promise.In tau putingan diꞌ mahuwat-huwat.A person who lies can’t be trusted.Ayaw kaw maghuwat-huwat sin tabang niya.Don’t count on his help.OV SYN.pangandulCf.angan-anganadjhuwat-huwatConfident, expectant.Huwat-huwat siya sin ingat niya.She’s confident of her knowledge.Huwat-huwat aku diꞌ mu pasāran in anak ku.I am confident that you will not neglect my child.Huwat-huwat aku yari kaw, hangkan aku miyari.I was expectant that you were here, that’s why I came.

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