lambang11nA part of something that protrudes or hangs over (as the strands left over after making a knot), something that is bigger than what is needed.viact/pat -um-, mag-.To protrude or hang over; (for something) to be too big to be carried conveniently, too long to fit in a certain space.Limalambang na in bataꞌ yan babahun.That child is too big to be carried piggyback.Hangkan nabinggil in siki niya sin jīp sabab naglalambang pa guwaꞌ dayn ha kīd tarak.The reason his foot was struck by the jeep is that it protruded out from the side of the bus.vtAR ran -an.To furnish (something) with a protrusion.Subay lambangan in higad mital supaya awn kakamputan.The side of the large tin can should be furnished with a protrusion so that there is something to hold onto.OV SYN.labi2nA rung (of a ladder), step (of a staircase), a rounded or shaped piece fixed for strengthening purposes (as between the legs of a chair).Nabaliꞌ in lambang sin hagdan.The rung of the ladder broke.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To furnish with a rung or step; put on a piece (to strengthen something, as between the legs of a chair).Lambangan ta in siki sin bangkuꞌ bat diꞌ magjugjug.We’ll put a crosspiece between the legs of the chair so it won’t shake.

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