duwaanA generalized type of prayer which is performed on various occasions and accompanies many rituals, short Islamic devotional prayer said in Arabic.It is intoned by one or more religious officials. A small brass or porcelain dish with hot coals is placed in front of one of them into which he sprinkles grains of incense.Awn subay duwaa bang awn paghinang.There should be a short Islamic devotional prayer when there is a special occasion.Subay mangayuꞌ duwaa pa Tuhan ha way baya-baya in pagtulak hinda Utuꞌ.We should ask a prayer (i.e., pray) to God that the travel of Sonny and company will be safe (see pangayuꞌ duwaa).vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For an imam) to perform such a prayer.Nagpaduwaa sila ha manga patay.They are having prayers said for the dead.

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