baꞌtalvar.batal1vtpat pa-…-un; ran -an.To touch (a bride’s) forehead, (signifies broken virginity).In a Tausug wedding the bridegroom, after the formal ceremony, goes together with the officiating priest (imam) to the bride’s room and touches the latter’s forehead with his finger to symbolize that they are now man and wife.Kiyabaꞌtalan na in pangantin babai.The bride’s forehead has been touched (by the groom).2adj(Of an ablution, prayer, or fast) invalid.In sambahayang baꞌtal diꞌ taymaun sin Tuhan.An invalid prayer won’t be accepted by God.vpat ma-.(For a performance of prayer, a fast, an ablution, etc.) to be or become invalid.An ablution (ayl) or a prayer (sambahayang) may be invalidated by coming in contact with something ritually unclean (haram), by touching someone of the opposite sex, even one’s spouse or child, by making a mistake in performing the ablution or prayer, or by passing urine, feces, or gas. A fast may be invalidated by eating or taking medicine during the time prescribed for fasting, by vomiting, or by blood coming out in menstruation or in a cut, by wounding someone, or by sexual contact after sahul or during the day.Mabaꞌtal in puasa mu bang kaw magsuka.Your fast will be invalid if you throw up.

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