lumannA mixed feeling of fear, profound respect, and shyness (toward someone); social distance.Wayruun luman ku ha tau diꞌ maingat pagꞌaddatan.I have no feeling of respect for a person who doesn’t know how to accept respect.vST pat mag-, -um-.To develop a mixed feeling of fear, profound respect and shyness.Lumuman in tau dumā magbissara kaymu bang kaw diꞌ magkaybaꞌ.A person who wants to talk to you will become shy if you don’t answer.vran ka-…-an.To be respected.Diꞌ siya kalumanan sin tau.People don’t respect him.adjmalumanHaving a mixed feeling of fear, profound respect and shyness (toward someone); shy, respectful.Maluman aku mangasubu sin gadji ha piyaghihinangan ku.I’m shy to ask my employer for my salary.nkalulumananA person who commands great respect.Kalulumanan hi Mayul Bahjin ha Taglibi.Mayor Bahjin of Taglibi is a person who commands great respect.

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