hunit1nDifficulty, hardship.vact/pat mag-, -um-; exp ka-…-an.To encounter difficulty, hardship.Kahunitan kaw maghinang yan bang isa-isa mu.You’ll have difficulty working on that alone.vST pat -um-.(For something) to become difficult or hard.Humunit in pagꞌusaha bang malingug in hulaꞌ.Business becomes hard if the country is in trouble.adjmahunitDifficult, hard.Mahunit in hinang kiyasukuꞌ kākuꞌ.I am assigned to a difficult task.OV SYN.sigpit 22n(A high) price; expense.Diꞌ ku bīhun bang bihān in hunit sin dagangan mu.I won’t buy any if the price of your wares is like that.vexp ka-…-an.To be unable or scarcely able to afford the expense (of something).Kahunitan na in tau magpahinang bāy bihaun.People can scarcely afford the expense of building a house now.adjmahunitCostly, expensive.Mahunit na in pagꞌiskul bihaun.Going to school is expensive now.OV SYN.mahalgaꞌhalgaꞌ 1

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