sīn1nMoney.In sīn yan, dīhil kaymu.That money was given to you.vag mag-, maka-.To make money.Makasīn kita bang jumatu in tiyanum ta ini.We can make money if these plants of ours thrive.vpat -un.To give (someone) money (instead of something else).Diꞌ na aku magdihil kaymu badjuꞌ saꞌ sīnun ku na sadja.I won’t give you clothes but I’ll just give you money.vran -an.(For someone) to have money taken away, be fined.Ayaw kaw mangamput babai bat kaw diꞌ kasīnan.Don’t touch a woman so you won’t be fined.2vrdp. ag mag-.To spend money (unnecessarily).Magsīn-sīn sadja kaw ha way kagunahan.You’re just spending money on unnecessary things.Cf.pilak 1pisitakanat-kanatkanat

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