gaan1nLightness (of weight, work, punishment, etc.).Magsusūng in gaan sin baran ku.The lightness of my body is increasing (i.e., my weight is decreasing).viST pat -um-.To become lighter, decrease (as of weight, volume of work, degree of punishment, sin, offenses).Gumaan in hinang mu bang lumugay.Your work will become lighter after a while.vtpat -un.To weigh (something light) in one’s hand.Gaana kunuꞌ in manga sulat ini.Please weigh these letters in your hand.adjmagaanLight, not heavy.Magaan in malita yan bang way luun niya.That suitcase is light if there’s nothing in it.ANT.buggat 1.12nWillingness, readiness, a feeling of ease and enthusiasm (to do something).Bang awn gaan sin baran mu kari kaw magtuy.If you have willingness (i.e., are willing), come right away.Timulak siya dayn gaan sin baran niya.He had a feeling of ease and enthusiasm when he left.vag mag-; ran -an.To feel at ease and ready (to do something).Bang aku gaanan ampa aku maghinang.When I feel at ease and ready I’ll do the work.3vrdp. pat -un.To disregard or take (something) for granted.Ayaw mu gaan-gaana in hinang mu.Don’t just take your job for granted.Cf.*pahil-pahil 1babaꞌ 2

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