supunResemblance, similarity.Supu niya pa amaꞌ niya Milikan marayaw usug.His resemblance is to his good-looking American father.viact mag-, -um-.Sometimes unaffixed.To take after (someone), act or look like (someone).Simupu tuud in dagbus niya pa amaꞌ niya.He really looks like his father.Supu siya kaymu.He resembles you.vtgoal -un.To be like, do like, or act like (someone else); copy.Supuhun niya da isab in addat sin apuꞌ niya.She will copy her grandmother’s behavior.nsiyupuhanOne who is taken after.In siyupuhan sin addat niya amu na in inaꞌ.The one that he takes after in his behavior is his mother.nsupuhananAn inherited character trait.In supuhanan nila mataas in dāhan.Their family trait is that they speak as if they were of high rank.

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