juruꞌnThe act of conceding or yielding (to something) in anger or spite, anything done in anger or spite.Hangkan da siya nagbana magtuy sabab juruꞌ niya ha maas niya.She got married right away in order to spite her parents.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To concede or yield (to something) in anger, give vent to one’s anger by doing something destructive (even destructive to oneself); spite (someone); (do something) for spite.Ayaw kaw magjuruꞌ sin baran mu.Don’t give vent to your anger by destroying yourself.Diyupang mu in baran mu bang kaw magjuruꞌ diꞌ magꞌiskul.You’re fooling yourself if you stop your schooling for spite.Cf.*kanam

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