higad1nThe edge, rim, brink (as of high places); shore of the ocean.adjFrom the coast, coastal.Hangkan sila tiyawag tau higad pasal naghuhulaꞌ sila masuuk pa higad dagat.That’s why they’re called coastal people because they live near the seashore.ANT.gimbavag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To be on the edge (of something, as sitting on the outside seats of a bus), travel on the edge of the road or on the seacoast, or (of sea travel) near the shore.Bang in kappal lumabay dayn ha pūꞌ, subay diꞌ magpahigad.When a ship passes by an island, it should not travel near the shore.Ayaw pahigara in bataꞌ yan, gana-gana mahulug.Don’t let that child sit on the edge, she might fall.Cf.duhul2nThe place immediately beside (something, as the shoulder of a road).Butangan na duun ha higad lawang.Put it there at the side of the door.Yaun in tarak ha higad dān.There’s the truck along the side of the road.OV SYN.daig 1

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