saytan1nAn evil spirit, demonic being.Nasasat siya sin saytan.He was seduced by an evil spirit.Siyūd sin saytan in tau yan.That person is possessed by an evil spirit.vpat -un.To be possessed by evil spirits, act in a fiendish manner, be haunted by an evil spirit.Saytanun sa yan bang niya kaingatan biyunuꞌ in taymanghud niya.He will become fiendish if he knows that his brother was murdered.adjmasaytanHaunted by evil spirits.Masaytan in bāy bang way tau niya.The house will be haunted by evil spirits if there is no one living there.Cf.lutawbalbalan2n(cap.) In the Holy Koran, the power of evil that tempted man from a higher to lower state; Satan.His name has the root idea of perversity and enmity.Nasasat sin Saytan hi Apuꞌ Hawa.Grandmother Eve was tempted by Satan.Cf.Ibilis

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