timbuladjFor the benefit of, for the personal advantage of.In sukay sin katān lupaꞌ ku bukun na harap kakuꞌ sagawaꞌ timbul na pa anak ku nagꞌiiskul ha Manilaꞌ.The rents from all my land are no longer mine but for the benefit of my son studying in Manila.vag magpa-; pat pa-…-un.To save, rescue (something), use (something) for one’s personal benefit, take care of or provide for (someone).In maas usug nagpatimbul sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ iyaanud.The old man saved the child who had drifted away.In pagdayaw bāy biyubugit na piyatimbul niya.He saved the parts of the house that were thrown away.Subay in maas magpatimbul sin manga anak nila.Parents should provide for their children.Cf.paruli

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