tiyuwasadjDeprived of an equal share or situation, (of a share of something, of education, skill, beauty, handsomeness) less (than another’s), (of position) lower (than another’s of the same qualifications), (of size) smaller (than someone else).Tiyuwas in magulang pa manghud ha kapandayan magkalang.The skill of the elder is less than the younger in singing.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To deprive (someone) of an equal share, give (someone) an unequal share (i.e., smaller than equal).Mangiꞌ in magtiyuwas ha pagkahi ta bang magbahagiꞌ sin usaha.It’s bad to give an unequal share to our fellow when we’re dividing the profits.viST pat ma-.To be deprived of an equal share, be given an unequal (i.e., smaller) share, be surpassed (by someone else in something).Bang kulang in pangadjiꞌ ta matiyuwas kita sin taga pangadjiꞌ ha unu-unu katān.If we have lesser education we will be surpassed by those with education in everything.nmaniyuwas, magpaniyuwasOne who gives unequal shares.

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