ammalnThe performance, use, or practice of supernatural powers or religious duties.In ammal ta sāli in makatabang kātuꞌ ha adlaw mahuli.The performance of righteous deeds will help us in the future life.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To take in (medicine or anything that serves to cure illness); memorize or meditate on (knowledge which gives supernatural power); use, apply, or practice (such knowledge over and over again until it has its desired effect); (with ibādat) perform or practice religious duties or obligations).Ammal kaw sin ubat ini makakusug baran.Take this medicine. It will make your body strong.Pagꞌammal kaw sin ilmuꞌ ini bat kaw diꞌ ūkun sin pungluꞌ.Memorize and meditate on this supernatural knowledge which will make you invulnerable to bullets.Cf.ibādat2

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